Festive Favourites: The Celebrities Jewellers Would Love to Adorn

In this special holiday-themed article, we asked a selection of jewellery designers to conjure an image of a glittering star-studded red carpet in their mind’s eye. If they could choose, which celebrity would be adorned in their very finest jewels and why are they the ideal face for their brand? Here are some of the responses, ranging from Hollywood actresses, famous musicians and model muses.

Atelier Torbjorn Tillander

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Atelier Torbjörn Tillander is known for its elegant fine jewellery that’s created under the watchful eye of current CEO, Tina Tillander – the daughter of the house’s original founder. “Precious doesn’t need to be serious,” Tillander says when explaining why the British singer, Adele, is her celebrity of choice. “She is a modern woman with a great sense of style. Her style is timeless, and she seems to be a person that doesn’t accept the throwaway society. Her values are the same as ours.” To adorn Adele, Atelier Torbjörn Tillander would choose Tahitian pearls, carved morganites, sapphires, radiant-cut diamonds and even a statement Paraiba tourmaline and emerald tassel necklace.


Medhanie Senanayake is the third-generation Director of H. Sena, a Singaporean fine jewellery brand with a focus on refined and classical luxury. She says: “I have chosen Priyanka Chopra as she uses her fame and beauty to champion children's rights and the education of girls. She is an empowering figure to women of colour and advocates equality, diversity and positive change. Apart from her involvement in environmentally focused charities and ethical treatment for animals, her Priyanka Foundation most recently has helped raise funds to procure oxygen concentrators for victims of Covid-19.” In an ideal world, H. Sena would present the Indian actress with a Cressida tennis necklace and an Aubrey opal ring, to symbolise her “elegance, poise, strength and power”.

Sunita Nahata

Based in Hong Kong and specialising in a vibrant palette of coloured gemstones and diamonds, Sunita Nahata seeks out bold personalities for her jewels. In fact, her strapline is “Desire to be Different”. Perhaps this is why she has chosen Michelle Obama as her dream celebrity canvas. “She perfectly represents the multi-dimensional aspects of being a woman,” says Nahata. “She carries strong principles and is resourceful enough to manage her work and family duties. We craft our pieces with the aim of dressing the all-doing woman who is always on her feet. Our jewels are subtle yet classy, fashion-forward yet timeless, they are comfortable and versatile enough to complement the independent woman of today.”


Established in 2008, Yataghan is a Saudi Arabian fine jewellery brand with a love of yellow gold, geometric shapes and reinvented classics. From her studio in Dubai, Yataghan founder and jewellery designer, Sarah Abudawood, explains why Adele is her famous face of choice. “I wanted a woman who finds beauty and inspiration in confronting the imperfections and challenges we face every day. Whether the balance between motherhood and work; authenticity and humility; or many other such dilemmas, I wanted someone who doesn’t just simply overcome or conquer. Rather, someone who can turn such challenges into stimuli for art. That person to me is Adele.”

William Goldberg

This brand has a special reputation in the world of diamonds for introducing the market to the Ashoka cut in 1999. Today, it specialises in diamond high jewellery that wouldn’t look out of place on Hollywood red carpets. In response to our questions about famous celebrities, Eve Goldberg the brand’s Principal, says: “William Goldberg has dressed many beautiful celebrities over the years, but it would be a dream to adorn Iman with our jewellery as she would do it with the utmost style and elegance”. Eve’s desire to adorn Iman is not inspired by her looks, but her power as a role model and altruism. Eve explains, “Iman is an amazing role model for young girls and women, and her work to help refugee girls and women worldwide is remarkable. She is an influential champion for human rights and a changemaker in the fashion and beauty industries”.

Brigitte Ermel

Colour and creativity infuse the works of French designer Brigitte Ermel, who has been defining the aesthetic of her self-titled maison since 1992. Her pieces are especially recognised for their generous volumes and vibrant palettes, which are often led by a wonderful story behind the scenes. Ermel says: “As an Opera Aficionado, I would have loved to see my jewellery adorn Maria Callas, one of the most famous opera singers of the XXth century. Sometimes nicknamed “La Bible de l’Opéra” (Opera’s Bible), she moved and disrupted the whole world of opera with her unique voice and its unmistakable timbre. Her broad register, her undeniable virtuosity, her talent as a tragic actress… All these exceptional qualities allowed her to truly inhabit her characters with great dramatic intensity. With the passion she aroused, her talent and her incredible success, Maria Callas remains the very definition of a “Diva”. A genuine fashion icon, always seen with sumptuous jewellery sets, she still inspires us and continues to stir our imagination”.

We all know that the worlds of celebrity and high jewellery collide in exciting ways all year-round and not just for the holidays! That being said, the festive season is a time of wishing, joyfulness and optimism for the year to come… perhaps some of these imaginary collaborations will become a reality in 2022? I will attempt to manifest this wish when adding the star to the top of my Christmas tree this year.

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