Personality Matters: Christmas Jewellery Gifts for Multi-Faceted Women

As we all know, no two women are the same. Some of us are extroverted, bold, playful and drawn to opulence, while others are introverted, sweet, understated and happiest wearing paired-back creations. We’re celebrating all this diversity in our annual Christmas gift guide and providing pristine product recommendations to suit distinctive personalities. Bookmark this page for your significant other to see, or continue reading to up your game in the gifting department this festive season…

What’s the trick to buying the perfect Christmas jewellery gift? In our opinion, it’s all about matching the signature aesthetic of a jewellery brand to the distinctive personality of the person you are buying for. Below, we’ve matched some of our favourite jewellery artists and international brands with the personality traits they’re most in sync with. Trust us, the presents under your tree are going to be a lot more exciting this year.

A ballet dancer wears jewellery creations by Margot McKinney

Assael – for the sophisticated woman

If your loved one is elegance personified, then the classical sophistication of pearls should be on your radar. Don’t risk falling into the trap of old-fashioned, though! Instead, turn to Assael for contemporary pearl creations that blend modern silhouettes and dynamic shapes with gorgeous South Sea and Akoya treasures. Assael is known for its modern approach to pearl jewellery, whether through creative collaborations with artists like Sean Gilson or by fusing materials like petrified wood, fancy-shaped diamonds, coral and more. A good example of this is its Tahitian cultured pearl earrings with half-moon-shaped diamonds, spotted petrified wood, round pearls, and rose-cut diamonds in platinum. We also recommend the brand’s showstopping pearl cocktail rings, including pieces with Tahitian and South Sea pearls in large sizes, flanked by diamond-set shoulders.

MATHON Paris- for the charming woman

Some women can step into a crowded room and make new friends before the hour ticks by. These charming, charismatic characters need jewellery that can support their outgoing personalities, specifically conversation-starting jewels. Pieces that fit this bill can be found at MATHON Paris - a third-generation family business that prioritises colourful and creative pieces, often crafted in beautifully textured gold and decorated with enamel. The brand’s designs are inspired by natural forms, so they exude femininity despite their size and colour palette. When I interviewed the brand’s president, Aude Mathon, he told me that opals are a favourite because “they represent small universes that change with the light”. If you know someone who is universally popular and full of energy, then these are the jewels for her.

Faith Jewels - for the adventurous woman

She might not be climbing mountains (although we do have advice for women with an active lifestyle here), but our adventurous woman is extroverted, engaged and interested in the world. She’s a keen traveller, open to new opportunities, and often spontaneous in the way she approaches life. For this woman, you’ll need a special creation with plenty of showstopping pizzaz, ideally one-of-a-kind and infused with a sense of storytelling. Faith Jewels is your perfect source of inspiration, especially its latest Masterpiece Series of unique high jewellery designs inspired by water, fire, wind and air. The Elements series is the latest from Melbourne-based designer Faith Hilda, who uses rare gemstones like Madagascan sapphires, Burmese rubies and Santa Maria blue aquamarines to balance bold personalities. Plus, her pieces contain moving springs, a rotating pin-wheel and other kinetic parts to ‘come alive’ as the wearer moves. Imagine telling a story about a recent travel adventure with such a gem on your finger!

Margot McKinney - for an opulent woman

Would the woman in your life describe herself as a maximalist? Perhaps she appreciates sizeable jewellery, bold colours, and interiors with plush velvets, sculptures, artwork and clashing textures. This love of all things opulent and ostentatious needs to be nurtured at every opportunity, and we know just the artist jeweller to turn to: Margot McKinney. The Australian designer’s maximal signature style is one of our favourites here at, and we always welcome news that fresh designs have been added to her collection. Recently, we were blown away by the Cosmic Girl necklace with 81.27 carats of morganite, diamonds, pink, orange and purple sapphires, amethysts and pink tourmalines. It really exemplifies the brand’s joyful playfulness and its absolute obsession with nature’s colour palette.

State Property - for the artistic woman

Some people are born with an artistic streak that is channelled throughout their lives, whether via the medium of art, sculpture, fashion, music, architecture, or some other pursuit. Often, they are thoughtful souls and draw inspiration from considered design, nuanced details and excellent finishing. A brand that encapsulates all these qualities is State Property, hailing from Singapore. Its new Edessa collection calls upon Byzantine architecture for understated yet covetable earrings, tennis bracelets and rings, while its broader collections have hints of Art Deco for timeless style. Some of our favourite pieces are the new Edessa bracelet with half-moon-shaped diamonds and its iconic selection of signet-style rings with emeralds, diamonds, jet-black enamel and mother of pearl in 18k yellow gold. If you are shopping for a woman who appreciates contemporary and wearable designs, State Property has ready-to-wear pieces that will make Christmas sparkle.

Austy Lee - for the extravagant woman

Larger-than-life characters are few and far between. We are talking about the genuine eccentrics, the passionate obsessives, the women who march to the beat of their own drums and do so with a smile! The extravagant woman is exuberant and not afraid to stand out from the crowd, whether for a feathered hat, an enormous brooch, or a striking make-up look. She’s confidence personified! There’s only one artist jeweller who can match this energy, and that’s Austy Lee. The Hong Kong-born designer specialises in “psychedelic art” and blends hypnotising metallics, religious iconography, mythology and natural forms into jewellery that is out of this world. In a recent article, we shared some of his stand-out pieces, including ‘The Butterflies' Geometry’ earrings in 18K rose gold with Burmese green jades, red enamel and diamonds. Plus, he told us about a new series - The Sandādoragonbōru brooches – that embody the element of fire. We can’t think of a better way to be the centre of attention than with a piece of Austy Lee artistry.

Al Zain - for the dignified woman

Polite, purposeful and poised are just some of the adjectives that might describe our dignified woman, who is always the epitome of class. Of course, that’s not to say she’s uptight! This type of lady is put-together, elegant, chic and able to engage in conversation, whether about last night’s rain, the latest Hollywood blockbuster or a global political issue. To complement this type of woman, we can recommend Bahraini heritage brand Al Zain and its latest Jena collection of high jewellery designs. This family-run company exudes traditional values and craft expertise while also producing refined modern heirlooms, such as gemstone Riviere necklaces and sautoir chains. Its cuff bracelets, earrings and pendants will suit the woman who thinks long term, not only about her own enjoyment of a piece but that of her children and grandchildren.

Have you pinpointed your loved one in this mix? Now’s the time to explore these brands and seek out a beautiful ready-to-wear or one-of-a-kind creation that she’ll unwrap on Christmas morning. We can guarantee the smile on her face will be worth its weight in gold.

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