Gift Guide: The Most Coveted New Year Jewels in Russia

There is very little time left until the New Year, the most important winter holiday in the country of my birth: Russia. To save you some of that precious time, I recommend you look through the jewellery gift suggestions I have listed below. This is a virtual catalogue of sorts, marking the key trends, investment prospects, objets d’art and jewellery that is, quite simply, soulful and unique - you are bound to find the right present here, one that the intended recipient will surely cherish and never forget!


The Russian jewellery house Chamovskikh creates luxurious jewellery with high-quality gemstones that are completely captivating at first sight. This first impression is partially deceiving because it does not reflect all the creations’ capabilities. Thanks to their transformable nature, it is only later that they begin to open-up to their beholders. They are perfectly calibrated technically, ample, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, with nothing in excess. For connoisseurs of hidden elements, multi-layered meanings and variety, this is a truly valuable find!

Liza Borzaya 

Are you looking for bold and original, modern and unique, high quality and high-tech jewellery or are you a fan of hot enamel? Then Liza Borzaya is definitely for you! Her signature piece is a transformable palm bracelet that is created exclusively to fit the measurements of its future owner; her other bracelets and earrings do not require a fitting. Liza also recently released a new, soon-to-be iconic collection of charms that can be attached to a chain or to earrings using a special lock and key mechanism. In time for the winter holidays, Liza has made new themed charms that will put everyone in a festive mood, even those who do not believe in Santa Claus.

Natasha Libelle

The entire gem palette, including picturesque opals and exquisite cameos, can be found in Natasha Libelle’s feminine and sensual, light and magical jewellery. The names of her designs, inspired by the limitless abundance of nature, sound as gentle as the name of the brand: “Solar Watercolours”, “Floral Tenderness”, “Dance of the Butterflies”. “A poetry of colour and form is gracefully expressed in the form of jewellery” - this is the romantic and very accurate description that the jewellery’s own creator, Natalia Shumakova, has given it. If you are struggling to imagine how to possibly please someone with the most exquisite and sophisticated taste, here you will find not only a huge amount of choice but the supportive help required to make the right decision. 

Podnebesnaya and Podnebesny

Unique gemstones or the finest pearls? If you have ever had to face such a decision, then you will appreciate the fact that, at jewellery company “Podnebesnaya and Podnebesny. Pearls and Gems,” you do not have to. Here you will find both sea minerals and mined “delicacies” to suit every taste. What types and colours are best to choose? How best to combine, wear and care for pieces? Any questions you have will be answered. After all, this is the first and only Russian jewellery company that JPEA included in its membership as the largest supplier of pearls in Europe, as well as an importer of the best precious stones from anywhere in the world.

Tulupov Jewelery

Love exists! They claim as much at this jewellery maison and are ready to provide “evidence”. The creators of the brand, Victor and Elena Tulupov, find rare and valuable stones from all over the globe and create jewellery that is unlike anything else out there. They do not pursue quantity - they strive for quality. In pursuit of the form, they do not ignore the content, always reflecting on the symbolism and associations that their jewellery bears, and the characteristics and history of precious stones. One-of-a-kind jewellery does not aspire to be ephemeral. It is intended for eternity. It can then serve as perfect proof of one’s brightest, long-term intentions.

Izmestiev Diamonds

If you are looking for rare gemstones such as coloured diamonds, rare spinels, rubies or pearls set in complex jewellery, this company is definitely worth checking out. Another strong point of Izmestiev Diamonds is its ability to create jewellery that is ideally suited to a specific client. The brand provides complete freedom of choice and ensures the recipients active participation in the creation of their piece. Work on such a jewel can take several months, but the result you get will be worth the wait, inspiring much delight and a lot of positive emotions.


If you dream of giving a surprise gift when the clocks chime in the New Year, and you are not prepared to wait, hurry to the Kabarovsky boutique. There you will find a huge selection of ready-made every day and more exclusive options designed according to a variety of themes. The brand’s most loyal fans are women who know a lot about fashion, follow its trends, are interested in the arts in all its manifestations. They go to the theatre, attend exhibitions, fashion shows and social events, and represent the fairer sex who, deservedly so, appreciate Kabarovsky’s jewellery and understand its philosophy.

Ekaterina Kostrigina

“A Petersburg classic” - this is how many characterise the output of the Russian jewellery designer Ekaterina Kostrigina, and this is a very accurate description. A harmonious combination of the traditional techniques of the past and contemporary ideas has become Ekaterina’s calling card. You need only glance at her collections once to see that flora and fauna are this Petersburg lady’s primary sources of inspiration. Berries, flowers, insects, animals and birds often appear in the designer’s jewellery and, to embody nature in jewellery materials with the greatest accuracy possible, Ekaterina often resorts to the art of stone-carving and enamel.

Nikolay Romanov

Fans of eclecticism will surely appreciate the jewellery that comes out of Nikolay Romanov’s atelier - a purity of form, with elegant and harmonious combinations that emphasise the true value of materials. A good knowledge of different styles allows the jeweller to negotiate several motifs and techniques with ease; they use their impeccable taste to blend them as they please, moving from geometric and oriental patterns that are full of exquisite detail to floral motifs that evoke the beauty of nature. The combination of diamonds, vibrantly colourful hot enamels and other semi-precious stones allows them to enrich the colour palette of their products, lending a different flavour to the “monochrome simplicity” of diamonds. Unafraid of bright colours, they create bold compositions in which there is nothing superfluous.

DA Style

Daria and Anna, the founders of the company, love travelling the world. However, they prefer to return from their travels with unique gemstones, directly from their places of extraction, rather than fridge magnets! It is therefore unsurprising that their jewellery designs begin with the gems, sometimes entire collections of matching minerals. You can safely count on the fact that you will receive comprehensive information about the stone’s place of “birth” and funny stories related to its acquisition. This is sure to be something that “people of the world” and avid travellers will appreciate. Emotions and history are also integral components of any jewel.

Each of us, regardless of our behaviour this past year, is waiting for magic and miracles on New Year’s Eve. Choose one of the best and the joy your gift brings will last for many years.

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