Pantone: Think Pink for Spring/Summer 2018

Every fashionista knows that colour palettes are a changeable element of styles and trends. And when it comes to colour, the most official indicator dictating the laws of the fashion has been - for many years now - the Pantone Colour Institute.

Spring / summer collections are, of course, always distinguishable by a riot of colour, but one of the primary trends of 2018 has been the abundance of colour: in the new palette, there are not 10 but 12 different tones! The Pantone Colour Institute has expanded the list for the first time, and the new hues made their presence known through the vividness of the spring / summer collections at New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week respectively. The spring 2018 Pantone colour palette brings with it a sense of joy, optimism and fun. After a short break from the catwalks, pink has made a comeback in two different shades: the gentle and romantic 'Pink Lavender' and the soft and warm 'Blooming Dahlia'.

Wallace Chan ‘Summer Dream Serenade’ ring with 1.05ct pink diamond, colourless diamonds and demantoid garnets

Michael Kors, Rodarte, Tom Ford, Versace and Gucci have already made these two shades the feature colours of their women’s collections, and both of these colours have a calming effect. I wanted to find jewellery to compliment these outfits. Jewellery in rose gold - of course - comes to the fore, even without the embellishment of gemstones or enamel, it can still be a trendy bonus to your overall look. If you prefer jewellery with gemstones, you’ll find an abundance of options: transparent pink and purple kunzites, gentle pink morganites, pink topaz, quartz, beautifully shaded rubellites and even pearls in exotic tones!

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