Jewellery Horoscope II: The Signs of the Zodiac Interpreted in Jewellery

It’s been a while since we’ve last shed some light on the best and brightest zodiac jewellery to wear to express your star sign. With that in mind, we’ve channelled the power of the constellations into a fresh batch of designs to tap into your horoscope’s energy this new year. Here are 12 brands creating covetable zodiac sign-inspired jewels we think you’ll love…

In the archives of, you find our first Jewellery Horoscopes article shedding starlight on key jewels featuring the signs of the zodiac. Now, with 2024 in full swing, we’re forging a new path and finding motivation in another dose of star-sign jewellery. What better way to guide us towards destiny?! The brands below have created a series of fine jewellery pieces, all of which have zodiac signs and animals as their focus. Each brand, however, uses its unique style, motifs and craftsmanship specialities to create truly distinct pieces, for all types of aesthetics and personalities. Let’s look and see what suits you best.

Pragnell Zodiac inspired jewels in gold, coloured gems and diamonds

Anita Ko – Zodiac Necklaces and Rings

Los Angeles-based contemporary jeweller Anita Ko creates a selection of luxury zodiac-inspired pieces designed for the modern woman on the go. Both necklace and ring designs feature chunky letters spelling out zodiac signs, accompanied by their associated symbols and figures. Each one is available in all three gold colourways, or with a surrounding halo of pavé diamonds, for those looking for a further statement look.

Anne Sportun – Celestial Sign Necklaces

Anne Sportun uses the mapping of the stars to illustrate the various zodiac signs in her Celestia Sign collection. Each of the 12 necklaces features hand-engraved star charts, with the brightest star accentuated by a round brilliant-cut diamond. Handmade in Toronto, each disk is made from textured gold hammered by her in-house team of goldsmiths for an artisanal look.

Anne Sportun Celestial Sign necklaces in gold and diamond

Cece Jewellery – Star Sign Pendants

What makes Cece Jewellery’s aesthetic so unique is its continued inspiration from maritime tattoos, which is the creative base for every single one of its pieces. This extends to the Star Sign Pendant collection with hand-enamelled etchings that provide a cool rock n’ roll edge to each creation. If you are looking for a colourful zodiac jewel, this is the brand for you.

David Webb – Zodiac collection

Since 1948, David Webb has been the quintessential American jeweller, creating original and modern pieces of jewellery. His Zodiac collection is no different, using rectangular ID tag-shaped pendants instead of the classic round disk we are used to. Each tag is created from textured gold with engraved symbols of the various star signs on both the front and back of the pendant.

David Webb Zodiac necklaces in gold and diamond

Elizabeth Gage – The Zodiac collection

Elizabeth Gage MBE is jewellery royalty and is the absolute queen of ring designs. Her Zodiac ring collection was created for both men and women who admire jewellery and feel a deep connection to their star sign, which is why each bold piece is designed to sit like a protective armour around the wearer’s finger. This is one of those rings you will never want to take off, and you won’t need to.

Elizabeth Gage Zodiac ring in gold

Foundrae – Astrology collection

New York-based fine jewellery brand Foundrae is built on the principle of using symbols as tools for self-discovery and expression. Each piece in the Astrology collection features the figure most associated with the star sign set against a medallion with a striated gold pattern. Some are also available with hints of subtle diamond accents. These pendants are for the holistic among us, who want to wear their jewellery as protective talismans.

Jade Trau – Zodiac Charms

Sweet, discreet, and fun, Jade Trau’s Zodiac charms are easy to pile on with whatever your jewellery stack of the day may be. Available in all shades of gold with diamond details, these charm jewels were designed to accompany the wearer on their daily journeys, bringing light and sparkle whenever they are seen. Having developed a love for diamonds as a child thanks to her grandfather, Jade believes in the power of these precious gems, featuring them in each of her creations to bring a sense of strength and stability to the wearer.

Jade Trau Zodiac charms in gold, white gold, rose gold and diamond

Pragnell – Zodiac Pendant Charms

Pragnell’s Zodiac pendant charms are meaningful accessories that celebrate the mystical and personal connections that people have with astrology. Available exclusively in yellow gold, each piece is adorned with the symbols and traits of each zodiac sign, with a satin finish and set with a single round brilliant diamond. A sixth-generation British jeweller, these pieces continue Pragnell’s long-standing tradition of reinterpreting classic jewels in its own signature style.

Sauer – Zodiac Collection

Jewellery brand Sauer has long been inspired by celestial objects and space in its fine jewellery creations. The open night sky is brought to life through a circular pendant set with a hard stone marquetry of lapis lazuli, against which is set a gold carving of a zodiac figure accompanied by five brilliant-cut diamonds. The capsule collection aims to bring to life the celestial magic associated with each of the horoscope signs.

Sauer Zodiac charms in gold lapis lazuli and diamond

Solange – Zodiac collection

As usual, the designs of Solange Azagury-Partridge are wild, colourful and full of symbolism. Her Zodiac collection has a little bit of everything, from woven gold necklaces set with enamel figurines of Chinese zodiac animals to minimalist rings featuring the hieroglyphic sign of the constellation, as well as ones displaying the mapping of the stars created from sapphire, diamond and gold. These are the perfect zodiac-inspired pieces for those who love art and mixed media.

Stephen Webster – Astro Ball collection

Stephen Webster connects sea and sky in his Astro Ball collection by using cultured pearl orbs as the central design element in this astrology-themed collection. Each sculpted pendant features an interpretation of the classic zodiac sign that wraps itself around a white or black pearl, with diamond pave elements. Ever the rebel, Webster chooses to include the controversial Ophiuchus star sign in this collection, which is the unofficial thirteenth constellation of the Star chart.

Stephen Webster Astro Ball necklaces in gold and pearl

Verdura – Zodiac Pendant Necklaces

Finally, Italian-turned-American jewellery brand Verdura brings that chic Italian style to its Zodiac pendant necklaces. These are perhaps the purest and most minimalistic creations we have brought to your attention today, composed of polished round pendants engraved with the zodiac figure of each star sign, accompanied by diamonds set to resemble scattered stars across the night sky. These are elegant pieces that can accompany any look from day to night.

As you can see, there is truly a zodiac jewel for every taste. From bold and edgy to discreet and classic, designers have created a wide range of astrological jewels to provide comfort, inspiration and style to all who wish to wear one. We recommend you buy your perfect zodiac jewel to set your intentions for the year ahead. That’s what we’ll be doing!

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