The Monogram Flower Opens Its Petals in the New Louis Vuitton Blossom Collection

Spring is many people’s favourite time of year. After the cold of winter and its long dark nights and grey days, nature begins to stir. The days get longer, the sun warms up, the snow melts, and droplets of thawing ice are all around – in spring there is an irresistible rebirth of beauty, when everything alive reawakens and the first beautiful flowers come out in full bloom. Spring has even shrouded the famous French brand Louis Vuitton with its enchantments, with the company recently releasing a new charming everyday jewellery collection, “Blossom”.

The new line of jewellery is inspired by the key symbols of the house, Monogram flowers, and the line’s designers continue to play with variations of Vuitton’s quatrefoil symbol. Included in the collection are three mini-collections – Colour Blossom, Idylle Blossom and Sun Blossom – each characterised by unique elements of style, be that colour, texture or complex decorative motifs. But the spring collection does not end with jewellery: as Louis Vuitton specialises in jewellery watches, resident designers have also enriched the collection with several charming timepieces.

Louis Vuitton Blossom Collection

Louis Vuitton Blossom Collection

So let’s look at three areas of the jewellery in closer detail. In the pendants, sautoirs, earrings, bracelets and rings of the Colour Blossom line the brand’s brown and gold tones are reflected in combinations of grey and white mother-of-pearl, carnelian and tiger’s eye stones. The hand cut and polished stones form rounded silhouettes which contrast with the thin chains made in rose and yellow gold.

In almost every item in the Idylle Blossom line, the key symbols of Louis Vuitton are combined in three shades of gold: white, pink and yellow. One could go so far as to say that the design was inspired by the jewellery seen in the latest trends in fashion, where two-finger rings stand out from more classic models, along with earrings whose decorative chains with decorative pedants are attach both to the front and back of the ear.

Sun Blossom consists of fairly simple studs, rings, dainty bracelets and pedants on a chain with a quatrefoil design, contoured with diamonds or a halo of textured gold. Almost as though justifying the line’s name, all the Sun Blossom items play with sunlight when they are being worn, reflecting the rays of the sun from their ribbed or diamond surfaces.

Louis Vuitton Blossom Collection

Louis Vuitton Blossom Collection

The designers appear to have removed all unnecessary details from the line, leaving only what is needed to achieve any everyday chic look. But the same does not go for the Blossom watches, which are bright and colourful, and look even more smart beneath the scatterings of diamonds mounted onto the dials in the snow-setting style.

The Monogram flower is at the centre of all the Blossom watches – a real miracle of jewellery, it is carved from a single piece of nacre that is either blue or pink. At the slightest movement, its shades pour seamlessly into one another. Louis Vuitton designers did not dismiss the back side of the watch, which is artfully painted in a deep blue or pink hue.

The Blossom collection is attention-worthy not only for the masterful execution of the jewellery, but also for the technology of watchmaking. The manufacturer La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton demonstrates its mastery with the unusual mechanism Tambour Spin Time on the eponymous model, which shows the time using diamond-studded rotating cubes arranged around a central flower. The alligator skin bracelet completes the magnificent scene and is completed with either either pink or blue to match the colour of flower on the dial. It’s easy to see how the expression “precious time” takes on a whole new meaning in the Blossom watch collection. 

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