Jewellery With Sapphires - Gems With the Colour of the Endless Sky

Sapphire has been regarded as a particularly valuable gemstone at all times. According to legends, this royal mineral is has been considered a symbol of hope, faithfulness, purity and chastity. In ancient Rome, rings set with cornflower-blue sapphires were worn only by priests of the Temple of Jupiter. Blue sapphires sparkled even Cleopatra’s crown.

One of the most poetic legends about the origin of the blue corundum come from the island of Ceylon. It tells a story about ancient times when people went to the sacred mountain Kailash and asked the gods to show them the seventh sky – the abode of gods. The gods heard them and spilled Amrita, the nectar of immortality, on the ground. Droplets of this magical liquid turned into gems; its colour reminiscent of the endless sky. Holding a jewel with the stone in your hands, you can really believe in this heavenly origin. The many shades of sapphire – from light blue to cornflower blue – seem to reflect the diversity of the firmament’ palette.

This alluring precious stone has inspired many a jeweller to create some truly magnificent pieces. Let us have a look at my selection of jewellery with sapphires – the beautiful pieces of the bottomless sky.

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