Diamants Celestes: The 3rd High Jewellery Collection by Messika

Messika is quite a young brand, created in 2005 by Valerie Messika, who designs bold and contemporary diamond jewellery. Such are the pieces from the third collection of High Jewellery, Diamants Celestes, inspired by the beauty of mythical goddesses who have been immortalised in the stars. With each of their images Valerie Messika developed jewellery sets which combine strength with tenderness.

Mixing diamonds of different shapes, multiplying them many times and playing on the contrast between micro-pavé and large stones, Valerie combined separate diamonds in graceful compositions which create new celestial constellations. This magnificent collection consists of 4 parts, united by a single mood, though differentiated by execution: Calypso, Cassiopée, Persée and Solena Maya. Let’s look at them individually… 

Calypso – “A spirited suite in which asymmetry takes centre stage”

In Greek mythology, Calypso was a sea nymph who fell in love with Odysseus and held him captive for 7 years. Reflecting the attractive forces generated by love, Valerie Messika has created a jewellery collection whose principal design feature is modernity and asymmetry. The collection includes “A symbol of desire; a wave of emotion” necklace with 264 pear-cut diamonds weighing a total of 65.41 carats, “A contemporary Siren” earrings with 52 diamonds weighing 17.82 carats, and “Dynamic asymmetry” earcuffs. In order to ensure the metal was barely visible, Valerie has adapted the brand’s signature Skinny technique of diamond setting: if you look at the top stones, only a thing strip of gold is visible between the gemstones.

Messika Calypso diamond necklace from the Diamants Celestes collection

Cassiopée – “A flight of oval-cut diamonds in tribute to the queen of constellations”

This collection unites bracelet – “An explosive flight” – with earrings – “A captivating trio of ovals”, with the ovals being created from oval-cut diamonds that symbolise shimmering summertime skies. The 64-diamond bracelet weighs 56.74 carats and was made in the Messika jewellery house in Paris. It took the house jewellers 490 hours to make! The varying sizes, volumes and fine surface of the bracelet underline the precise technical execution and complexity in the art of High Jewellery. The bracelet is made with the same technique employed for the Calypso collection, making it delicately embrace the wrist as it follows the natural curves of the body for absolute comfort. The earrings, both captivating and enchanting, are composed of some 131 oval-cut diamonds, weighing a total of 4.8 carats, which ascend the ear.

Messika Cassiopée diamond cuff from the Diamants Celestes collection

Persée – “A suite modelled on the brightest constellation in the Milky Way”

When creating the Persée collection, devoted to the brightest constellation in the Milky Way, a great deal of patience, accuracy and skill in diamond cutting and shaping was required. Hundreds of hours were spent on alignment and on giving each of the stones, distinguished by the unique character, the very same flicker. The collection includes the “Modern asymmetry” necklace and the “Art Deco” earrings. The necklace is the interpretation of a waterfall, and with 374 diamonds it weighs 49.77 carats. The diamonds are pear-shaped, triangular and emerald- cut, they sparkle and dance like stars in the night sky. The asymmetrical lines, executed with absolute precision, take us on a journey to heaven, and lend a quality of fluidity and refinement to the piece. The incredible, innovate earrings are a brash rock-duet in the form of a bejewelled waterfall of 142 diamonds weighing 10.83 carats, with just a hint of the avant-garde motifs typical of Messika.

Messika Persee diamond necklace from the Diamants Celestes collection in the making

Solena Maya – “A tribute to the Sun God”

With the collection – a combination of “A sumptuous celebration of light” necklace, “The ultra-modern multi-form” earrings, and the “Precious tattoo of diamonds” ring – Valerie Messika pays tribute to the Mayan civilisation. All the diamonds use in these pieces are cut in three shapes: emerald, pear-shaped and triangular. The new necklace is an interpretation made for last year’s celebration of Messika’s 10-year anniversary. Its 481 diamonds, weighing 77.4 carats overall, align in a pyramid in honour of the unique star revered by the Mayans: the Sun. Incidentally, each row of diamonds is removable.

Messika Solena Maya necklace from the Diamants Celestes collection

Calypso, Cassiopée, Persée or Solena Maya – which “constellation” catches your eye?

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