ANATOMY OF A JEWEL: A Game of Seduction by Chaumet

With the summer in full bloom, Attrape-moi Si Tu M’aime (Catch Me if You Love Me) earrings by Chaumet seem like an ideal accessory for a cocktail party. Not only they are pretty and playful thanks to the intricate details, but also full of bright, almost neon colours, which are a must-have this season.


So what are those wonderful gemstones that create such a colourful ensemble? Are these earrings made of white gold? How many diamonds are there? To answer this type of questions, I started “Anatomy of a Jewel” posts, where I study complex jewellery designs in detail.

So, let us look into these earrings…

INSPIRATION: This piece is woven like a game of seduction. The earrings are a part of the large “Attrape-moi” collection that is a metaphor of love game and is inspired by the web.  Here the spider and the honey bee play sentimental hide-and-seek game, that evokes a promise of constructing love.

METAL: White and yellow gold – 19,6 grammes


Try to guess which colour each gemstone has before looking at the explanation below.

SETTING TYPES: prong setting (when 4 or more “claws” hold a stone), bezel setting (also known as a rub-over setting when a thin layer of metal is wrapped around a gemstone)  and grain setting (when tiny gemstones a set one next to each  other and fixed by tiny round metal grains)

VARIATIONS: These earrings also come in yellow gold, which you will find in the gallery.

Chaumet earrings in detail

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