JCK 2023 Highlights: The Best Jewels from the Largest Jewellery Trade Show

Every June, jewellery admirers flock to Las Vegas for the annual JCK exhibition, a show that celebrates the abundance of creativity and talent of jewellery designers from around the world. Let's take a look at this year's top finds.

The JCK show is one of the world's largest and most highly regarded jewellery industry trade events. It has been hosted for over 30 years in Las Vegas, Nevada, the city that embodies the concept of "work hard, play hard". This is exactly what JCK is all about. Brands and suppliers get together to share ideas, discover cutting-edge technologies and educate one another through hosted talks and panel discussions on their respective fields and specialities. All of this happens whilst keeping a social and festive air to the event encouraging participants to socialise and network.

At this year's event, we were lucky enough to meet some unique designers whose creations delighted our eyes and stirred emotions. The pieces that stood out most were colourful gem-centric jewels with interesting design elements… let's take a closer look!

Butani bracelet in mother-of-pearl, malachite, ruby and diamond

Alishan Jewelry Studio

A contribution by California-based brand Alishan Jewelry Studio, the "Riot of Spring" cuff was a floral delight full of interesting textures and materials. The surface is created using a mix of precious metals, including patinated silver, gold and platinum. These metals are textured and oxidised to create a modern, eye-catching aesthetic. The oxidised background is a perfect setting for coloured gemstones. Multicoloured sapphires, tsavorites and rubies burst with colour to create the focal point of each flower.

Alishan Jewelry Riot of Spring cuffs in patinated silver, textured and oxidised gold, platinum, multicoloured sapphires, tsavorites and rubies

Lauren K.

Bohemian chic NYC brand Lauren K. uses coloured gemstones to create cocktail rings that are bold and sweet at the same time. Pictured here are just a few of the ones we fell in love with at this year's event. Whether it's a fancy-cut morganite, heart-shaped spinels or oval tanzanite, her juicy ring designs are different from the majority and are seamlessly stackable to create a powerfully daring aesthetic. Also, who doesn't love a bicoloured watermelon tourmaline ring?

Katerina Perez wearing a selection of Lauren K. Cocktail rings featuring tourmalines, morganites, heart-shaped spinels, tanzanite and blue zircon

Sloane Street by Gadbois Jewelry

This mesmerising opal necklace from Sloane Street by Gadbois Jewelry is particularly intriguing due to the unexpected juxtaposition of its various design elements. The simple yellow gold exaggerated loop chain strongly contrasts with the ornate glowing 22-carat Ethiopian opal pendant. Set in a frame of Paraiba tourmalines and diamonds with the brand's signature strié texturing, this epic gemstone is set perfectly, making it a stand-out piece.

Sloane Street by Gadbois Jewelry High Jewellery necklace featuring a 22.07-ct Ethiopian opal, paraiba tourmalines and diamonds as well as a cocktail ring

Omi Privé

Omi Privé's work is all about honouring coloured gemstones as nature's finest works of art. This ring epitomises that mission statement. The impressively coloured 10-carat cushion-cut ruby is set in two diamond and platinum frames. The inner frame consists of round brilliant-cut diamonds and the outer layer of perfectly matched oval diamonds weighing in at almost three carats. This ornate setting is the perfect way to let the red ruby sing.


Known for its patented diamond colours, LeVian displayed a delicious-looking High Jewellery necklace. The Chocolatier necklace features 192 carats of grape amethysts, 30 carats of chocolate diamonds and three carats of 'vanilla diamonds', all set in a strawberry gold framework. Nothing has ever looked or sounded so mouth-wateringly tasty!

Katerina Perez wearing the Le Vian Chocolatier necklace in Strawberry Gold, features 192 carats of grape amethysts, 30 carats of chocolate diamonds and three carats of 'vanilla diamonds'


This articulated bracelet by Hong Kong-based jewellery brand Butani is a perfect puzzle of precious gemstones. It is a one-of-a-kind piece created predominantly from mother of pearl, with vines of diamond, malachite and ruby florals weaving their way around the entire piece. The bracelet is extremely romantic and reminiscent of an ornate Japanese room partition.


This Sofragem sautoir brought Place Vendôme to Las Vegas. With a design and gemmology team trained in France, the Sofragem pieces displayed this year at JCK were visually complex in colour and design. This piece was the stand-out jewel at their booth. The star of the necklace is a rare 37-carat rubellite, surrounded by sprays of green and pink tourmalines, pink sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds.

Katerina Perez wearing a Sofragem High Jewellery necklace and cocktail ring featuring a 37-ct rubellite, diamonds, green and pink tourmalines, pink sapphires and tsavorites

Key Gems

Turquoise is always a gem that commands attention, but I find that it does so even more when it is carved. This beautiful Key Gems bib-necklace featured carved fans of turquoise set against a white and black background of diamond and onyx to exaggerate its vivid colour. Over 40 carats of peridots are set interspersed throughout the necklace, further highlighting the warm blue of the turquoise.

Key Gems High Jewellery necklace featuring 40.57-cts of peridot, turquoise, onyx and diamond with matching earrings


Last but most certainly not least is this modern tanzanite and diamond ring by Nigaam. The deep purple hue of the over six-carat kite-shaped tanzanite is amplified against its settings of pave diamonds. The eternity band it is set on is equally intriguing, as the diamonds are accented with touches of blue rhodium.

All these pieces are visually intriguing, with their bold colours and thoughtfully layered designs drawing us in. The pieces highlighted here are a few examples of the creativity and mastery on show this year at JCK. Every year we are left wanting more and wondering how they will ever top what has been created! This year's event was no exception, as we left Las Vegas wondering what next year will bring.

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