His & Hers: Unisex Designs For Shared Jewellery Boxes

Fresh into 2024, it’s time to start thinking about updating your jewellery collection. With a multitude of designs on the market that work for him, her and them, why not invest in a collection that enables everyone to express their uniqueness through jewellery? Below are brands creating unisex pieces that are guaranteed to spark some disagreements about who gets to wear them next!

It’s a new year; the time for resolutions, positive manifestations and taking action is upon us. With the crisp winter air that promises a clean slate, we think it’s the perfect time to start afresh and create a jewellery box that exudes the energy you want to bring into 2024. At Katerinaperez.com, we have always believed that owning and wearing jewellery is a luxury that everyone should feel welcome to, no matter how you identify yourself. We are delighted to report that most brands feel the same way and have created collections for any and all who wish to adorn themselves. Take a look at our favourites below as we invite you to spread the love of jewels for all this new year.

Model wearing Reza Triple Drop earring in white gold, garnet, tourmaline and sapphire

Boucheron - Jack de Boucheron

The foundation of the Jack de Boucheron collection is something we all have in common – a love of music. Created in the image of a headphone jack, this collection by iconic jewellery brand Boucheron is a genderless jewellery collection. From single stud earrings, pins and cufflinks to wrap-around bracelets and necklaces of varying lengths, all pieces in the Jack de Boucheron collection are available in a variety of shades of gold, with the option of diamond pave details.

Chaumet - Bee My Love Collection

The House of Chaumet has always identified itself as “a naturalist jeweller”, which means that it places great importance on using flora and fauna as inspiration. The Bee My Love collection exemplifies this core design value of the House, using the insect and its honeycomb as a motif. Each piece in this series is created with articulated links shaped like honeycomb multiples, with extraordinary flexibility. The versatility of the openwork structure of this pattern makes it wearable to all, with the Maison creating asymmetrical pieces, toggle necklaces, pins and delicate hoop earrings alongside a variety of other designs that would suit any skin tone, style and look.

Graff - Laurence Graff Signature Collection

Moving away from the larger-than-life diamond jewels the Graff brand is known for, the famous jewellery house also creates delicate everyday pieces for all to enjoy. Its Laurence Graff Signature collection is a testament to this and full of designs that take the beauty of the natural diamond and translate it into angular, multifaceted pieces. Each piece in the Laurence Graff Signature collection is quite thin, yet the imprinted pattern on the gold creates an air of edge, symmetry and stateliness that is immediately eye-catching. The pieces in this collection are available in all three main shades of gold, with some pieces also on offer in mixed tones, such as white and rose gold, further emboldening the design. True to the Graff aesthetic, each piece is available in simple metal but also in full diamond pavé.

Messika – Move Collection

Valérie Messika designed her Move collection for those of us who are constantly on the go and in need of a sparkly diamond design to keep us company as we rush around. Each piece features a bezel-set diamond that can move freely around its case, whether that’s the middle of a ring, an earring, a bracelet, or a necklace. Available in yellow, white or rose gold with added diamond pavé options, the unique chain link design of the Move jewels makes them easy to wear from day to night. For those of us who barely have time to get dressed in the morning, let alone go home and change for an evening out, this is a great piece to invest in, as the large chain links are eye-catching enough to be considered a statement piece, yet they are light, free and move with your body.

Pomellato – Iconica Collection

Genderless, easy to wear and versatile, one of our favourite collections by Milanese jewellery brand Pomellato is the Iconica collection. Full of chains that can be worn at varying lengths and in different styles, Iconica pieces fuse understated Milanese style with the mastery of Pomellato’s in-house goldsmiths to create sensual yet sculptural pieces. Created to empower your sense of style on an everyday basis, the warm glow of these golden chains combined with the link shapes brings an air of confidence and power to any wardrobe. A particularly favourite piece of ours in this collection is the Iconica ring series, which are thick, rounded gold bands set with three colourful step-cut gems.

Simone Jewels – Simone X Tomo Collection

The gender-neutral Simone x Tomo collaboration is the result of jewellery designer Simone Ng and Japanese-American artist Tomoyuki Iwanami’s shared belief in the emotional connection and experience people have when interacting with art. After discovering their shared passion for gems and storytelling to blend Eastern and Western themes, the two artists decided to collaborate on a collection of wearable miniature works of art that look past gender and sex to focus instead on expressing emotions. Created in gold fashioned with what they call an “ink splash” motif, the pieces mimic the patterns of Japanese ink painting, also called Simu-e. Available in different metal finishings, each of the seven pieces is set with natural black spinels as well as diamonds.

Van Cleef & Arpels – Zodiaque Poetic Constellations Collection

Finally, who doesn’t love a zodiac sign-inspired piece of jewellery? Van Cleef & Arpel's 50s-esque Zodiaque Poetic Constellations collection pendants are individual works of art depicting the symbols of each star sign. Each pendant features on one side the image traditionally associated with the star sign, such as a sand crab for Cancer, and on the other, the emblem for the star sign (69 for Cancer). What’s more, each pendant is set with hard stone marquetry, with a gem whose colour speaks to the zodiac sign, adding further depth to the design. Whether it be blue aventurine for Aquarius or malachite for Virgo, each piece is a three-dimensional tableau that focuses on the figures and elements traditionally associated with each zodiac sign.

The brands mentioned above perfectly illustrate how fine jewellery can be integrated into everyday life, regardless of one’s personal style. Let us know if there is a genderless jewellery brand or unisex collection that has captured your attention; we would love to know!

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