Essential Reading: ‘Diamonds Across Time’

The World Diamond Museum has announced the publication of the museum’s first book in its Facets of Mankind series: ‘Diamonds Across Time’. The linen-wrapped hardcover contains 432 pages, 270 colour pictures and 39 black and white illustrations that encompass invaluable information gathered from disparate sources around the world.

The uniqueness of this book lies in the fact that it boasts not 1 but 10 authors at once, all world-famous scientists who adore diamonds. In ‘Diamonds Across Time’, they present new discoveries, they explore unusual collections, they examine the history, trade, science and nature of diamonds, they showcase legendary jewellery and entire collections of jewellery made by great designers. 

First and foremost, they tell the human stories that underpin diamond worship. Dr Usha R. Balakrishnan, the museum’s chief curator and world-renowned jeweller, has organized and edited the information in order to allow you to answer the following questions:

• ‘The Nizam Diamond: Bala Koh-i-Noor, in the Sacred Trust of the Nizam of Hyderabad’, author: Usha R. Balakrishnan;

• ‘Diamonds of the French Crown Jewels – between West and East’, author: François Farges;

• ‘A Concise History of Diamonds from Borneo’, author: Derek J. Content;

• ‘Indian Diamonds and the Portuguese during the rise of the Mughal Empire’, author: Hugo Miguel Crespo;

• ‘Two Large Diamonds from India’’, author: Jack Ogden;

World Diamond Museum Releases Stunning New Book, ‘Diamonds Across Time’

• ‘The Romanov Diamonds - History of Splendour’, author: Stefano Pappi;

• ‘The Londonderry Jewels 1819-1959’, author: Diana Scarisbrick;

• ‘Dress to Impress in South East Asia’, author: René Brus;

• ‘Powerful Women Important Diamonds’, author: Ruth Peltason;

• ‘One in Ten Thousand; the Unique World of Coloured Diamonds’, author: John King.

"'Diamonds Across Time' is a richly illustrated publication with high-quality images of gems and jewels, archival documents, rare drawings, and fabulous photographs. The volume places diamonds in the context of the time in which they were discovered, and on the political, social, and cultural stage on which their histories were etched. In a rapidly changing world, diamonds are eternal. They were created by nature and grew in the womb of the earth. They tell stories, and they record history. With this book, diamonds will finally have their own storytellers", - Facets of Mankind - The World Diamond Museum.

World Diamond Museum Releases Stunning New Book, ‘Diamonds Across Time’

The book will be available very soon via The World Diamond Museum website. Keen to read it? Sign up to be notified when it goes on sale here.

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