Gorgeous Gifts: Female Jewellers on Making Valentine’s Day Special

If you could find anything wrapped in a gorgeous deep red bow this Valentine’s Day, what would it be? For this year’s day of love, we spoke to five female designers, passionate about fine jewellery in all its fantastical forms, to discover what they would recommend as the ideal gift. From bespoke treasures and pink minerals to timeless classics and everything in between, let’s find inspiration in their ideas below…

I think we all want to be spoiled on Valentine’s Day, even if we know much of the festivities are driven by heart-shaped chocolates and bad teddy bears! There’s something alluring about finding a jewellery box, carefully wrapped, and filled with diamonds or coloured gemstones on the pillow… a girl can dream! In the past, we’ve asked designers to share stories of their most romantic gifts and spotlighted the heart-shaped minerals that get our pulses racing. Now, we’re asking for more gifting advice from a line-up of incredible women, each with their own distinctive take on fine jewellery.

Simone Jewels Portraits of Porcelain ring with a heart-shaped rubellite tourmaline, white quartz and diamonds in 18k white gold

Maddy Barber of Madly

Hailing from Singapore, Madly has been specialising in coloured gemstones and bespoke, client-led creations since 2014. The house is especially creative when choosing minerals, which include colour-change alexandrite, hot pink spinel, indicolite tourmaline, moonstones and pink topaz, often in elaborate settings. Founder Maddy Barber focuses her time on creating singular pieces that her clients will treasure forever, so it’s no surprise time is a key component in her gifting philosophy. She explains: “There's no right or wrong in choosing a heartfelt gift with thought behind it. Remember, time is your most precious gift since, once given, you can never get it back. Combine these two, and you'll likely create a meaningful gift that lasts beyond just Valentine's Day.”

“To me, nothing epitomises romance quite like gemstone jewellery because love is colourful and vivid! My Valentine's Day favourites embody all of that plus a whole lotta fun, flirtation, and adventure... just like how it feels to fall in love!"

Neha Dani

As a long-standing friend of KaterinaPerez.com, Neha Dani is someone I can always rely upon for gifting advice, as well as fine jewellery that oozes creativity and craftsmanship. Most recently, I was whisked away into a fantasy world with her carved agate, diamond and titanium bracelet at PAD London, which represents a refreshing and exciting new direction for her brand. She tells me that her jewellery is perfect for Valentine’s Day because it “reflects my passion for craftsmanship” and has a timeless quality that brings out the romance of the occasion.

“Embracing the everlasting quality of my creations, they make heartfelt gifts to symbolise affection. Explore my creations for pieces that embody true romance. From the regal elegance of the Parisa earrings to the ethereal charm of the Nuray ring. Be spellbound by the showstopper Tazlina neckpiece with its iridescent colours of glaciers or the Amarante bracelet with its gorgeous flowers set with rare pink diamonds. Each of my creations will provoke poetry and strengthen the bonds of love."

Simone Ng of Simone Jewels

I have known Simone Ng, the founder and creative director of Simone Jewels, for many years, so she’s someone I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for gifting advice. In previous articles, I have described her as a ‘jewellery storyteller’ because of her ability to weave such complex tales, histories and symbolism into her collections, notably Tattoo and Portraits of Porcelain. She’s inspired by history, architecture, culture and believes in the following mantra: “Yesterday’s Tale, Today’s Creation, Tomorrow’s Inspiration”. This connection to stories is what drives her approach to gifting, as she explains below.

"Choose a gemstone reflecting your heart's story; romantic hues like pink or red resonate with the language of love."

Caroline Gaspard of Akillis

French jewellery brand Akillis tackles the traditional idea that women are the ‘weaker sex’ by creating edgy, rock ‘n’ roll-inspired pieces that embody defiance and confidence. At the same time, the brand’s founder, Caroline Gaspard, creates masculine jewels for gentlemen, too, including revolving rings, contemporary dog tags, and bullet-shaped pendants studded with black diamonds. Her focus on both men and women and the androgynous line between the two is what makes her Valentine’s Day gifting advice so apt… it’s not just about one present, but two!

“For me, the perfect gift to offer to a man would be our LoveTag pendant in yellow gold. But if someone had to offer me a jewellery piece, it should be the Capture Me bracelet in white gold and diamonds to match its Black Titanium bracelet with black diamonds." 

Carmen Aoun of Cédille Paris

Cédille Paris has always celebrated eternal bonds, not just between romantic partners but also between mothers and daughters and long friendships. Even the brand’s logo is like two puzzle pieces coming together in perfect harmony, which is very apt for Valentine’s Day! Founder Carmen Aoun said she’s embracing the idea of ‘La Vie en rose’ this February, declaring that “pastel red is the new red” across her jewels. She tells me: “All Cédille Paris pieces are inspired by nature and emotions. Our Turtle necklace, for example, is for love and protection, longevity, stability and endurance in the relationship.” For a gift full of symbolism, the Cédille Paris Lovebird motif makes a beautiful alternative to the classic heart. Carmen explains why…

“Lovebirds are one of the oldest symbols of eternal love, the most elegant and beautiful birds. They are known for feeding rituals that end in a kiss, which leads to a strong, devoted relationship."

No matter how (or who) you choose to give the gift of jewellery to this year, just remember a few top tips from this cohort of creative women: choose bold, colourful minerals to evoke joy; timeless designs to capture elegance; find a piece with a beautiful story; consider reflecting your partner’s tastes for the perfect match and embrace motifs that go beyond the classic heart. Have a wonderful time shopping!

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