Women's Intuition: Exploring Femininity for International Women's Day

Today, more than ever, modern society celebrates women for their strength, resilience, intelligence and adaptability. However, this brings into question the original meaning of "femininity", an adjective often used to describe women. Let's look at how some of the most powerful women in the jewellery world today interpret this word and use it to enhance their designs.

International Women's Day is a globally recognised occasion dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women while also advocating for gender equality. However, amidst the celebration lies a complex discourse surrounding the portrayal of women as superhuman beings capable of effortlessly balancing multiple roles, often depicted as powerful, strong, and indomitable.

Cara Delevingne at the Academy Awards wearing a suite of Bulgari Serpenti jewels, including a 4.55-ct oval-shaped emerald ring

The Oxford English Dictionary defines "femininity" as: "the quality or nature of being female; the combination of characteristics or qualities (such as gentleness, empathy, and nurturing) traditionally associated with women", but with today's focus on strength and success of women, does this definition stand true?

We decided to go straight to the source and speak to a group of successful women in the field of fine and high jewellery to ask them what their definition of "femininity" is. Here’s what they had to say:

Lucia Silvestri, Creative Director, Bulgari

“I believe that femininity can be expressed through infinite facets, there is not a specific rule or precise canon to "cage" this definition. I find, for example, immense femininity in harmony - the delicacy of a combination, the symmetry of forms, the beauty of proportion. In women, strong traits such as fearlessness, determination and self-awareness are, in my opinion, extremely feminine and fascinating.”

Lucia Silvestri Creative Director of Bulgari

“I believe the female universe has this magical power to shine through kindness. They can be tenacious and passionate, strong and emotional, determined but gentle. I think this is unique, and there is nothing more feminine than a deep strength that drives growth, ambition, freedom and the achievement of one's dreams.”

Sabina Belli, CEO, Pomellato

Sabina Belli CEO of Pomellato

“Femininity is the embodiment of women's unique strength: they are welcoming, open to all and open to life. They possess these qualities, with or without jewellery, of course. For Pomellato, everything expresses spirit and personality, never the simple act of adorning oneself. Designing a piece of jewellery with women in mind inspires us to pay attention to all the hidden details, to everything that goes beyond appearance. A jewel for Pomellato is about beauty, not merely external beauty but more a kind of authentic beauty that is about gestures, connections, and emotions.”

Valerie Messika, Founder and Creative Director, Messika

Valérie Messika Founder and Creative Director of Messika

“I think femininity is women being what they are: brilliant, free, individual, enigmatic and elegant. Femininity is confidence and self-assurance that cannot be denied. For me, femininity is embodied by the women I have been inspired by and have had the honour of working with, Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Carla Bruni, both in style and personality. It is radically different for every woman, yet so similar.”

From left to right: Models wearing Messika Fiery high jewellery suite in rose gold and diamond, Blooming Euphoria suite in white gold turquoise and diamond, and Disco Pulsation suite in white gold, pearl and diamond

Caroline Scheufele, Artistic Director and Co-President, Chopard

Caroline Scheufele, Artistic Director and Co-President, Chopard

“I reject classification, but I believe that femininity means being charismatic, dynamic, passionate, confident, daring, and free-spirited, exuding contagious happiness! And I love that idea!”

Feng J, Artist and Jewellery Designer, FENG J

Feng J, Artist and Jewellery Designer at FENG J

“To me, femininity is a combination of three words: free, love and brave. Free is the spirit that a female creator can do anything out of the box. Love is the eternal energy that drives me ahead to be one with the universe. Brave is also an attitude that gives me the courage to explore the unknown.”

Feng J Gingko Leaf of Firework brooch in gold and precious gemstones

Eugenia Bruni, Creative Director, Pasquale Bruni

Eugenia Bruni, Creative Director of Pasquale Bruni

“Femininity is supreme; it is the woman who loves herself in her strength, feeling, and essence and is reborn every day in her most divine light. The strength of women, their love, courage and femininity is the supreme light that can change the world.”

Lydia Courteille, Antique Jewellery Expert and Designer, Lydia Courteille

Lydia Courteille Antique Jewellery Expert and Designer at Lydia Courteille

“Femininity is the unity of codes of glamorous sensuality, with a dash of provocation, to speak a seductive language that has already been proven effective on the masculine being.”

Lucrezia Buccellati, Co-Creative Director, Buccellati

Lucrezia Buccellati, Co-Creative Director of Buccellati

“When I think of femininity, beauty and elegance come to mind. To me, femininity speaks to a very special energy or nature related to intuition, creativity, power, sensitivity and confidence.”

What each of these singular perspectives have in common is that their version of femininity drives and inspires their design and creative processes in the hopes of inspiring inner strength and beauty in their clients. Let's celebrate our unique femininity by sharing some jewellery pieces that make us feel powerful and feminine. Send us yours on Instagram!

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