Must-Have Jewels 2022: Statement Cuff Bracelets

Follow in the footsteps of Balmain, Saint Laurent, and Chanel by adding cuff bracelets to your jewellery wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2022. Whether worn alone, asymmetrically, or as perfectly matching pairs, the goal is to feel as powerful as Wonder Woman with your own curated stack(s) of cuff bracelets in chunky, textured, organic and geometric forms. Here are some high jewellery cuff bracelets to elevate your collection and inspire your seasonal dressing…

If you’ve read my recent summary of the top three 2022 jewellery trends to date – cuff bracelets, statement earrings and chokers – you’ll already know that wristwear is boldly proportioned, metallic and experimentally layered for Spring/Summer 2022. Back in 2018, I wrote about the return of cuff bracelets and the historical significance of this particular wrist adornment. I recommend looking at some of the pieces mentioned there and then returning to this article for contemporary inspiration. While your natural inclination might just be to wear one cuff for spring 2022, I would encourage those with the means to purchase matching sets, one or more for each wrist, that are layered identically on both wrists. This can be done in a number of ways, like combining natural flowing forms with chains or geometric shapes, or by introducing subtle asymmetry through identical pieces set with different colours or cuts of gemstones.

Imagine for a second two Buccellati cuffs from the Il Giardino di Buccellati High Jewellery collection, both in yellow gold but one with a green tourmaline the other with a rubellite tourmaline. A matching stripe of colour on each wrist with pavé cuffs, like pieces by Bayco, or identical materials such as bronze and titanium by Vhernier are a great way to embrace the symmetry of the trend. There’s also the Harmony bangle by Hemmerle as a gateway to the trend for statement wristwear, while also offering a beautiful example of high jewellery craftsmanship and material innovation.

Models wear jewellery creations by Mike Joseph, including a statement cuff bracelet

If bracelets, torques or similar pieces exist in your personal collection, embrace the trend’s maximalist tendencies by layering them together on both wrists. You can also take inspiration from Rokh, Balmain and Givenchy by wearing stacks of yellow gold chains while you contemplate your next cuff purchase! Consider these creations by Pomellato if you’re looking to add a high jewellery twist to a classic design.  
Below you’ll find a selection of cuff bracelets that blend the latest catwalk must-have with serious jewellery making prowess…

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