Art Project: Where Mysticism Meets Technology in Jewellery

I am always thrilled to collaborate with Veronica Morales Angulo whose striking digital works of art fulfil my need to see jewellery articulated in new, innovative and inspiring ways. She’s the woman behind Archellery – a blend of architecture photography and augmented artistry that dares to imagine jewels in unique scenarios. Continue reading to see the results of our latest collaborative jewellery project, which is inspired by Veronica’s story of finding her inner self…

It's true that some of our most creative moments can emerge when we’re feeling down. That ‘lightning bolt’ effect is often transformative and powerful, leading to an adrenaline-fuelled time of creativity. That’s exactly what happened for my long-time collaborator, Veronica Morales Angulo, who used the sadness of a separation as a time for self-reflection.

NATURE CALLS - Katerina Perez is depicted surrounded by floral gemstone bouquets and wearing a flower crown of precious coloured gemstones and diamonds

L'AIUTO GARRAD COUTURE – An artwork showcasing the Garrard Northern Lights ring in white gold, opal, diamond, multi-coloured sapphire, green tourmaline, tsavorite and mother-of-pearl from the Couture High Jewellery collection

She explains: “This project was born after my separation which, although it was my choice and a decision made by me, took me on a long journey where I had to revisit my inner self.”

DROWN – An artwork showcasing the Opalescence plique-à-jour betta fish brooch from the Boucheron Holographique High Jewellery collection, set with an Ethiopian white opal cabochon of 71.69 carats

In her sadness, she turned to something that had long fascinated her – mysticism – and began exploring tarot cards, oracles, and the mysterious powers of the universe. Despite feeling like she was living through an “existential crisis” she found comfort in the unknown and a kinship with other women going through difficult times. Her latest digital artworks reflect this feeling of rediscovering one’s power through exceptional high jewellery, and I am pleased to share the results with you here. Each piece has its own name and symbolism, like a distinctive chapter in a larger book, and I am assured that the series will grow and develop with time. I hope you find your own meaning in these creations.

INTUITION - An artwork inspired by the importance of listening to your inner voice, centred on a diamond jewel by De Beers

DIOR CERCANDO BILANCIARMI - 'Trying to Balance Myself' artwork featuring a diamond-set floral jewel by Dior Joaillerie

SOUL LIGHTNESS - Incorporating a holographic rock crystal and diamond ring from the Boucheron Holographique High Jewellery collection

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