The Joy of Colour: An Exhibition Championing the Future of Jewellery Design

We are always excited when a new jewellery exhibit is on the scene, especially when it involves some of our favourite designers. The latest to hit the scene is The Joy of Colour at The Shenzhen Jewelry Museum in China, which is dedicated to all things digital. Let's go behind the scenes and discover what's on display at this three-month event…

Last week, the jewellery world's newest international exhibit opened in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. The Joy of Colour brings together designers from around the world with a shared passion for jewellery design inspired by the world of technology. Here is everything you need to know about this highly anticipated show.

The Joy of Colour Exhibit in The Shenzhen Jewelry Museum in China

What You'll See at The Joy of Colour Exhibition

The Joy of Colour exhibition is a curated immersive experience that invites the public to discover how artificial intelligence (AI) and the Metaverse may inspire jewellery design in the future. The presentation is organised into four sections: the first examines the mental impact of social phenomena such as gaming and loneliness through jewellery design post-pandemic; the second reinterprets and reconstructs historical jewellery design; the third concerns itself with the effect of the circular economy and sustainable practices on design; and the final chapter deals with the outlook for jewellery in an increasingly 'phygital' world.

This exhibition aims to immerse visitors in an inspiring environment where design and colour reflect a new era of fast-emerging, AI blending, in-person and virtual craftsmanship in the world of jewellery.

The exhibition features the work of 24 jewellery designers from around the world. Some highlights include Italian artist Alessio Boschi and his Harem's Garden Masterpiece suite, which features 2,000 gemstones of more than 183 carats. Work by fellow Italian jewellery designer Amedeo will be displayed through photo screen installations, alongside digital renderings of jewellery pieces by Sarah Ho and Hong Kong-based designer Austy Lee, among others.

Who is behind The Joy of Colour Exhibit?

This uniquely forward-thinking exhibition is the brainchild of jewellery expert Paola De Luca. Founder of the research and creative intelligence company, The Futurist, De Luca is the creative director and trend forecaster, born in Rome, credited with many important jewellery achievements, such as being the designer behind the first ever Fendi jewellery collection under the creative direction of Karl Lagerfeld and Carla Fendi. She was the Design Director for special projects at Swarovski and acted as Global Design Director for over a decade for UnoAErre, an Italian gold exporter noted as one of the world's largest. Today, she believes the art of communication is one of the most fundamental principles in jewellery design.

Journalist and Digital Creator Paola De Luca, the mind behind The Joy of Colour Exhibition

She explains: "Any vision, content, or objective we may have unless it is communicated properly and effectively, can result in our effort being lost. Entering the 3.0 era, my vision of the future of jewellery design encompasses designing and producing formats that are interspersed with immersive experiences, creating hybrid spaces where digital art and culture will inspire consumers and the trade to enjoy the ultimate luxury experience."

Where is The Joy of Colour Exhibit?

The Joy of Colour exhibit is hosted in The Shenzhen Jewelry Museum on the Jinzhan Jewelry Plaza in Shenzhen's Luohu district. This 2,610 metre-squared building is China's first public museum focusing on jewellery. The space officially opened on October 16, 2019, with two floors dedicated to permanent and visiting jewellery exhibits.

Marina B Maline suite in gold, sapphire, ruby and diamond on display at The Joy of Colour Exhibition in Shenzhen China

When is The Joy of Colour Exhibit showing?

The Joy of Colour Exhibition will be held from March 10 to May 10, 2023. The exhibit promises to combine the best of the jewellery design world, digital art and the artistry of hand craftsmanship. With modern and adventurous jewellery designers on show, such as Marina B, Never Not and Farah Khan, we cannot wait to see how the public responds!

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