Chokers: Must-Have Jewels in 2022

As anyone with a large collection of necklaces will tell you, the term doesn’t do the breadth and diversity of this category of jewellery justice. There are bibs, torques, chains, sautoirs… plenty of variety that is, at least in part, determined by where around the neck, collar or decolletage they are worn. This Spring/Summer 2022, however, we are focusing purely on the choker and interesting loops of diamonds, gems and precious metals worn snugly close to the face. Here are some high jewellery options to inspire your search for ‘the one’…

Chokers can be rock ‘n’ roll, delicate, romantic, feminine, outlandish, and demure all at once. The SS22 runways were awash with chokers in all these forms, including diamond-encrusted chains and delicate strings of pearls at Valentino; busy bands dripping with charms at Roberto Cavalli; sparkling expanses of stones at Tom Ford, and thick gold columns that encompass almost the entire neck at Balmain. Running alongside this cascade of chokers is the #neckmess trend that’s all about layering and stacking neckwear to tell a story or create unique texture and colour combinations.

Within high jewellery, chokers aren’t an uncommon sight, but I expect to see a flurry of new creations over the coming months. The temptation is to go minimal and monochromatic, like the timeless diamond creations of Bayco and Jahan Jewellery. Gemstone drops, whether fancy-shaped or briolette, can add another layer of glamour, as can featured elements like pendants or medallion-style central elements. A recent example is Louis Vuitton’s Bravery collection that includes a selection of chokers with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. Drawing inspiration from the runway, even the simplest chokers must be elevated with some type of artistic element. In high jewellery, I equate this to the likes of Vhernier and its Calla necklace, where titanium, diamonds and meticulous craftsmanship combine to make something complex appear simple on first glance.

Katerina Perez wears the Andartid necklace by Stenzhorn

If you do embrace the season’s choker trend, perhaps avoid the equally attention-grabbing trend for statement earrings. Worn alone, these bold elements are chic and striking… when worn together they can descend into gaudy, no matter how remarkable the gemstones may be! A selection of high jewellery chokers is featured below to inspire your next purchase. This is your opportunity to live life boldly, colourfully and with your own unique twist. I hope you discover a piece below that speaks to your distinctive personal style.

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