JCK 2017: Best jewellery from the Las Vegas Fair

Recently I attended the annual JCK Las Vegas fair, an event which brings together jewellery insiders, influencers and professionals. It is one of the North America’s largest annual trade events that not only presents its visitors with the newest and most innovative pieces of jewellery, but also showcases a variety of gemstones, timepieces, and technological services. With over 2,300 exhibiting vendors and 23,000 retailers present for JCK Las Vegas in 2017, it was a tough task to choose only a few top pieces for this article. After viewing jewellery of almost a hundred exhibitors, I narrowed my choice down to twelve amazing creations, which I hope you will like as much as I did.


One of the pieces at JCK that instantly drew me towards it was the stunning statement cuff by the Italian family brand Busatti. It featured a gorgeous oval opal of 30.26cts enveloped in 79.90cts of diamonds and is inlaid with a gargantuan 10ct central diamond. The intricate titanium foliage on this piece as well as the opal inlay are what set it apart from many others for me.

Busatti cuff bracelet with opal, 10cts diamond in the centre and 79.90 cts of diamonds set in titanium. Photo by Simon Martner.

Yael Designs

Another notable opal piece from the Vegas fair is a cocktail ring I came across at Yael Designs. The San-Francisco based brand dazzled me with the stone in the centre of the jewel that was fashioned as a well-proportioned teardrop and surrounded by miniature diamonds. I found such elegant and timeless design simply irresistible.

Yael Designs rings with pear-shaped 6.17 cts black opal and 5.69 cts black opal as well as diamonds. Photo by Simon Martner.

Graziela Gems

Graziela Gems caught my attention with their unusual ‘Paraiba Obsession’ earrings from the Couture collection. Their original use of Paraiba tourmalines in slices allow the beauty of the stone to be truly accentuated by the light which shines through the opaque gem. These earrings are red carpet worthy, and demonstrate Graziela Gem’s ability to envision new ways to interpret gemstones into wearable artistry.

Graziela Gems paraiba slice and ruby earrings. Photo by Simon Martner.

Lauren K

Carrying on my search for striking jewellery using coloured stones I came across Lauren K, who proved that her finger is truly on the fashion pulse with the gemstone of the moment; the watermelon tourmaline. Lauren’s vibrant and colourful rings created a delicious contrast to some of the more concept based pieces, being both wearable and allowing the large, beautiful gems to shine in their own right.

Lauren K watermelon tourmaline rings with centre stones of 8.26 cts, 8.88 cts, 6.45 cts and 15.93 cts. Photo by Simon Martner.

Erica Courtney

An acclaimed designer, Erica Courtney is famed for her love and use of vivid coloured gemstones, and presented some sweet and delicate stacking ‘Crown’ rings in pink sapphire and Paraiba tourmaline. Their femininity combined with the playful idea of creating your own combination, injected fun and originality into wearing jewellery.

Erica Courtney Crown bands and rings in pink sapphire and paraiba tourmaline. Photo by Simon Martner.


Switching from delicate to statement jewellery, I could not help stopping by the diamond necklace at Lili. Set with 21.64 cts of the brand’s signature Lily cut diamonds, it was accented with 19 cts round white, and 1.67ct pink diamonds. I loved how the established Israeli jewellery company exquisitely displayed their distinguishing patented Lily cut diamond to full effect.

Lili diamond necklace with Lily-cut diamonds of 21.64 cts, round brilliant diamonds and 1.67ct of pink diamonds. Photo by Simon Martner.

Scott Kay

Focusing further on diamond jewellery, I went to see the latest collections of the bridal jeweller Scott Kay. With the attention to detail and craftsmanship required to give the classic solitaire design a sophisticated twist, he came up with a chic chain design whose clean lines appealed to me immediately.

Scott Kay Embrace collection engagement ring and wedding band. Photo by Simon Martner.

Karl Lagerfeld

Next to Scott Kay was jewellery by Karl Lagerfeld, who expanded his Eiffel Tower collection. It was inspired by the iconic architecture of Paris and the Tower itself. The influence of the Parisian aesthetic was intelligently crafted into the classic engagement ring style of solitaire rings, with a subtle hint to Lagerfeld’s inspiration reflected in their shanks. This collection delighted me with it’s elegant homage to Lagerfeld’s favourite city in the world.

Karl Lagerfeld Tour Eiffel inspired engagement rings with 1 carat and two 1.5 carat centre diamonds. Photo by Simon Martner.


Turning convention on its head was the brand Feral - whose name befits their use of wild, less precious materials, such as the fossilized palm wood cuff, decorated with 5cts of diamonds. This piece merges the use of organic components, bringing to mind celestial bodies and drawing the eye to its majestic craftsmanship.

Feral fossilised palm wood cuff with 5 cts of diamonds. Photo by Simon Martner.

Guita M

Guita Dovas from Guita M is another designer that opted to feature unconventional materials in her jewellery. She used traditional diamonds to compliment peanut wood, creating jewellery which commands you to look again and ask questions.

Guita M fossilised peanut wood and brown diamond earrings set in gold. Photo by Simon Martner.

Pleve Jewellery

Talking about unconventional, I feel obliged to include Pleve jewellery in this edit. The brand boast the accolades of award winning designers and truly individual design methods, with their own patented prong-less mosaic setting technique. This results in genuine, one-of-a-kind jewellery, which allows the amazing gemstones to speak for themselves, uninterrupted in their brilliance.

 Pleve cuff bracelet with 9.5cts of pink and white diamonds and pink diamond ring with 2.75 cts of diamonds. Photo by Simon Martner.


And last but not least, the Colombian emerald Takat ring took my breath away. It combined the concept of the statement cocktail ring with an exceptional 24ct stone of the highest quality alongside 8cts of diamonds, proving that there is no substitute for the finest gemstones, and that sometimes simplistic design is the best!

Takat cocktail ring with 24 cts Colombian emerald and 8 cts of diamonds. Photo by Simon Martner.

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