Art Project: Katerina Perez through the eyes of Hossein Borojeni

Paris-based illustrator Hossein Borojeni creates artworks for many prominent jewellery and fashion houses using traditional techniques such as ink and watercolour. His 'less is more' approach allows him to paint in clean lines mixing spontaneous brush strokes. In this project, Katerina Perez becomes a source of inspiration for the artist and is depicted alongside some of her favourite high jewellery designs.

Unheated pebble rubies of 45 cts and diamond earrings by REZA

Anna Hu 'Enchanted Orchid' ring with 52.04 carats jadeite, briolette, rose and brilliant-cut diamonds

Boucheron 'Wladimir' ring from 'Paris, vu du 26' collection with diamonds and emeralds

Ciga Long brooch with an opal, sapphires, emerald and feathers

Sarah Zhuang sapphire and diamond 'Dancing Butterflies' earrings that transform into 4 different pairs

De Beers 'Portraits of Nature' medallion necklaces with fancy colour and colourless diamonds

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