Birthstone jewellery: Vibrant emerald jewels for May

The verdant green of the emerald reflects the blooming flora and fauna of May, and so it makes perfect sense that this is the gemstone which represents the transitional late spring, early summer season.

The etymology of the word emerald is derived from the word “smaragdus,” literally, “green” in Greek. As with all gems, there are multiple symbolic beliefs which have been attached to the emerald: it is a symbol of rebirth and is believed to grant the owner foresight, good fortune, and imbue the wearer with the benefits of youth. Emerald was also historically the stone of the goddess Venus, therefore emeralds are said to bring passion and love.

Adler necklace and earrings, both with pear cut emeralds and brilliant cut diamonds in 18k white gold

The conventional wisdom concerning emeralds is that the fewer inclusions there are, the higher the value of the emerald. This is simply due to the rarity of emeralds without many inclusions. However, since these gemstones have been an object of desire since the ancient times (Cleopatra was said to be fanatical about emeralds) many admirers find beauty and desirability within these optical characteristics.

Bayco necklace with carved Zambian emeralds, brilliant and pear cut diamonds in 18k white gold

As with so many gemstones, the fundamental power of the colour depends on the intelligent cut of rough crystals. The goal of each gem cutter is to bring out a depth of tone and intriguing visual charisma of an emerald, that is why they are fashioned in ways that emphasise their beauty. As a rule, less included emeralds are faceted in various shapes, more included ones are cut into cabochon form and some are even carved for an added visual effect. 

If you - or a loved one - are lucky enough to have been born in the sunny month of May, consider gifting a piece of jewellery to yourself - or them - that celebrates the deep green beryl!

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