Almost real… “Stones” necklace by Markin Jewellery

Markin Jewellery is probably one of just a few jewellery brands that can change widespread preconceptions about the aesthetic of precious jewels. I was in Moscow not long ago so of course I took the opportunity to visit the Markin Jewellery showroom. I want to share what I found with you: the original, stylish “Stones” necklace.

I’ll start by saying just a few words about Markin Jewellery: it’s more of a jewellery laboratory where, under the management of its founder and head designer Vladimir Markin, alternative rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets have been developed. The pieces are frequently reminiscent of peculiar mechanical structures made of precious materials which have secretly in-built devices. For example, the “Drops” pendant earrings can be split into two, revealing a diamond pendant and the “Aperture” ring has a hidden diamond inside, revealed by twisting the upper part.

“Stones” necklace by Markin Jewellery

As for the “Stones” necklace, the hollow shell of its element opens to reveal a pattern encrusted with precious stones.Despite the fact that the necklace already has a happy owner, I had the chance to see it as part of a private presentation at the Markin atelier. It turns out the piece was made to order for a woman who collects fine works of jewellery. She holds a top position at a bank but she does not wear glitzy jewellery to work. So the laboratory created a necklace for her that can momentarily switch from a restrained piece into a festive accessory.

Vladimir Markin’s pieces often have industrial feel but this necklace is different because the inspiration for it was the natural world. The stones look very realistic and their texture suggests that they are not any different from real ones. In actual fact, they are made of 750 white gold and are completely covered with a whole “cocktail” of alloys (one of which for sure is rhodium). The result is fantastic – a solid “glaze” which, in its colour and design, is similar to natural sea pebbles and does not come off.

The composite elements of the necklace appear realistic not only because of their texture but also their weight. The piece isn’t at all light but it’s unquestionably lovely when your neck is adorned with jewellery, however heavy it might be. The sides of the stones could not be made too thin due to the in-built mechanism but it’s thanks to all the machinery that the three stones in the middle are revealed, showing off the “filling” of cognac diamonds and pink sapphires. That’s Vladimir Markin’s restrained luxury for you!

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