Collection Frenzy: New Fine Jewellery to Covet this Season

We are only one month into 2024, and many beautiful jewellery collections have already been launched! Let’s take a look at some of our favourites, including Chaumet, Dior Joaillerie and Van Cleef & Arpels, among others.

What we love most about larger jewellery collections here at is the sheer volume of pieces there are to admire. With more precious pieces at our fingertips, jewellery lovers can appreciate the art of craftsmanship on a larger scale, as artisans can display more creativity as well as a wider range of their masterful technical skills. With this in mind, the brands below have launched collections that not only celebrate their heritage and legacy in the world of jewellery but also play with the reinvention of some of their most classic logos and looks.

Model wearing Chaumet Josephine ring in white gold and diamond, featuring a pear-cut yellow diamond from the Josephine collection

Josephine by Chaumet

The House of Chaumet has released a series of pieces to add to its existing Josephine collection – an ode to the Empress who inspired the founding pillars of the Place Vendôme brand, which is to make beautiful jewels for multifaceted and innovative women. Drawing upon the Empress’s love of colour and all things audacious, Chaumet uses colour and shape to create designs that push boundaries whilst remaining effortlessly wearable. Its signature Aigrette design is reimagined into rings, earrings, and pendants through white and rose gold exclusively, accompanied by snow-set white diamonds that sparkle across the shapely curves of each piece.

Josephine’s influence stands its ground in the more gem-centric pieces as well, through the presence of pear-shaped rubies and sapphires - her favourite stone cut, honouring her love of bold colours. To add a daring edge, some of the pear-shaped stones are set in an untraditional manner, with the apex lying horizontally instead of vertically as is customary.

Chaumet Josephine Duo Eternel ring in white gold, ruby and diamond from the Josephine collection

Gem Dior by Dior Joaillerie

For 2024, Victoire de Castellane has added new colourways and style variations to her Gem Dior fine jewellery line. Inspired by the fabric samples pinned to the walls of Christian Dior’s Ateliers, Castellane has taken these swatches and combined couture with nature to create abstract and organic jewellery forms in chromatic variations that highlight the preciousness of gold in the best of lights. What makes these new pieces stand out from the ones in years past? Castellane has created a vibrant new suite set with gradient sapphires and tsavorite garnets to express her love of colour. What’s more, the earrings in the collection are now available to purchase singularly, creating a plethora of new pairing opportunities.

Butterfly by Graff

Graff’s Butterfly collection celebrates a heritage motif for the brand that acts as a reminder of that perfect balance between strength, elegance and freedom. Each piece in the collection celebrates the metamorphosis of precious gemstones from their rough natural state to their forever home, whether it’s a single stone at the centre of a gold butterfly pendant or a full pave set of white gold and diamond drop earrings. Transformative and alluring, these pieces are designed to be layered and stacked to become a part of your jewellery wardrobe all day, every day. From the office to the ballroom, each piece fits seamlessly with one another, creating a myriad of styles for you to play with.

Les Gastons by Louis Vuitton

In the Les Gastons fine jewellery collection, watches and jewellery creative director Francesca Amfitheatrof is inspired by Gaston-Louis Vuitton – grandson of the brand’s founder as well as a prominent figure in the luxury world in his own right. He played a crucial role in expanding and modernising the company during the early to mid-twentieth century, as well as introducing the iconic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas in 1896, which is still one of the most famous handbags to date. Amfitheatrof explores and plays with the brands’ monogram and trunk stories through rings, pendants, necklaces, tags, gourmets, bracelets and earrings, using laser-cutting technology to provide a sharp and clean look to each piece. What’s more, to further honour his legacy, the designer has included a new metal colour for certain pieces in the collection. The Les Gastons Vuitton Blue titanium is a deep shade inspired by denim that is meant to encourage everyday wear.

Ballet Precieux by Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels makes no secret of its fascination and love of dance. It dates to 1920 when founder Louis Arpels would take his nephew to watch ballet performances at the Opéra Garnier in Paris. The first dancing ballerina clips made their appearance into the Maison’s design repertoire in 1940, and since then, they have become one of Van Cleef & Arpels’ signature creations. This year, the brand has added ten new clips to the collection, each one inspired by renowned classical ballets and ballerinas from around the world, including Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty and The Firebird, to name a few. Each one of these pieces is hand-carved from wax models to evoke the delicate movements, elegant forms and rich ornamental costumes of each ballerina as they flutter across the stage, using precious gems that are cut in-house.

The collections above are just a drop in the ocean of exciting launches in 2024. With dramatic colours, symbols and emblems, each piece is a wearable ornament made from the most precious materials available and with unmatched expertise. We cannot wait to see which ones will follow suit.

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