Barbie Dream Jewels: Pink Creations for Summer’s Hottest Film

Who doesn’t know Barbie? Whether you owned one as a kid or saw the animated movies, Barbie has been an iconic fictional character for countless generations. Now, she’s been brought to life, along with Ken and her famous ‘Dream House’, in true Hollywood film fashion starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Let’s celebrate with vivacious pink jewels for a summer of fabulous fun at the movies…

In July 2023, moviegoers will descend upon their nearest cinema to watch Barbie – the new film directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie as the famous blonde-haired doll. Full of all the classic outfits, perfect pets and over-the-top cars, Barbie is guaranteed to set trends and inspire a new wave of ‘Barbie Pink’ creations. Now, we have an excuse to imagine the perfect jewellery wardrobe that Barbie would fall head over heels for!

Party Perfect Pink Jewellery

When you think Barbie, you think pink. Rumour has it that there was even a global shortage of pink paint whilst filming the movie because of all the sets that had to be painted! Barbie Pink is on an upward curve, with contemporary designers using enamel and brightly coloured gems to bring this vibrant hue to life. Princeton, New Jersey and Palm Beach, Florida-based Hamilton Jewellers has created a delicate pair of diamond studded hoops with pink enamel. The designers behind Qatari brand Kaltham’s Pavillion Jewellery use pear-shaped pink sapphires in their dainty creations, as does London-based designer Lily Gabriella.

Big and Bold Designs

From a design perspective, Barbie’s jewels are eye-catching. Stars, hearts and REZA’s abstract bows would be on her wish list. Emily P. Wheeler’s pink sapphire and diamond drop star earrings would be an everyday piece for Barbie, matched with a Guita M rock crystal cuff featuring a giant heart-shaped Tourmaline and a Deborah Pagani yellow gold and pink sapphire Honey Heart Gypsy ring. To make the look transition from day to night, she might swap out the latter for a more bedazzling heart-shaped ring, like a Gucci cocktail ring from the Hortus Deliciarum High Jewellery collection that features an 11.5-carat heart-shaped tourmaline.

Pretty in Pearls

Finally, let’s not forget the first jewel in Barbie’s wardrobe – a string of pearls. Endlessly elegant yet clean and modern, pearls are available in all shapes and colours these days. Yes, including pink! Freshwater pearls are one of the few varieties that grow in natural pastel shades, typically light pink to dark lavender. There are also conch pearls, in which pink is the most desirable colour. Perhaps the rarest pink pearlescent material is ‘angel skin’ coral. This light pink coral found in the seas around Japan, Taiwan, and Hawaii is so rare that a single strand of perfectly matched beads can take decades to create. A little jewellery bird told that fine jewellery brand Assael, one of the world’s leading designers of angel skin coral pieces, lent jewels to real-life Barbie Margo Robbie for her press tour for the new film. We cannot wait to see how she wears them!

Assael necklace in platinum, white gold, featuring 29 vintage Gem Angel Skin Coral Beads

To summarise, Barbie’s dream jewellery box is filled with pink pieces in statement shapes and bold designs with a sprinkling of modern pearls. The pieces below are a continuation of what Barbie would say are “must-have” pieces. Look and see if you agree!

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