Katerina X HERSELF Art Project: Lula’s Holiday Jewels

Imagine that with a stroke of a brush (a virtual one) you could find yourself at any moment in time and anywhere in the world or have a chat with Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, Cate Blanchett and many other famous personas. Would you embark on such an adventure? While you are busy thinking about it, Lula, the Chief Editor of the London-based Herself magazine, has already been to the most enigmatic places and made the most wonderful acquaintances we can only dream of.

So what kind of magazine is Herself and why I chose to talk about it? I am a fan of creativity and whim, and Herself is an illustrated fashion magazine (even the advertising is illustrated!), which is an art in a new form. It is published twice a year and edited by Lula, the beauty who always wears trendy outfits and stunning jewellery; she is friends with celebrities and attends glamorous parties with them. Is Lula a fictional character or a real one? Why should it matter; the most important thing is that Lula and her creator are big fans of jewellery, which they adorn themselves with anywhere they go. In fact, Lula says that jewellery allows her to be “herself.” Having met Lula, we decided to do a project together where she would let me style her summer jewellery. Therefore, the photos in this feature are the result of a creative adventure. The main character of the magazine, Lula, shows us her favourite summer shots, tells us about her preferred jewellery and pieces that she never takes off.

KP: What kind of jewellery do you like?

Lula: It’s not about the kind, but how I love the different kinds. Antique corals, deco gold, African beaded necklaces, Moroccan silver, Indian enamel pieces, contemporary design, you name it. What I can say is that most of all I like high jewellery that’s one-of-a-kind and out of this world. The art and craft behind the pieces, the colours of the stones just drive me insane! And obviously, I love the everyday precious: I love to repeat it and always have a piece or two that stays, no matter the occasion: from diving deep in the sea to the red carpet.

KP: What was your favourite jewel this summer?

Lula: I spent summer by the sea. Just as every colour goes well with black, I found out that every colour goes well with a calm, blue summer sea. The sun brightens up stones and metals. Some girls take jewels off to dive or sunbathe. I don’t. I love how earrings look with wet hair.

KP: How did you style bright summer jewellery?

Lula: I like to wear black in summer, so it’s only natural to go crazy with colours on the jewels. That’s a pretty simple rule. I do like for the pieces to be the protagonist and for the clothes to play the part of the accessory.

KP: What piece of jewellery do you never take off?

Lula: A pearl ring with two little diamonds in my right little finger. I’ve been wearing it for ten years now and never, never take it off. I also wear a tiny hoop on the top of my left ear in white gold with micro diamonds. But as I said, I do like to repeat my pieces, from time to time. It is a cliché but jewels do tell stories and the ones women repeat are part of their narrative. The opposite is also true: I new piece of jewels makes you a whole new character.

KP: Ring or earrings?

Lula: Earrings! Earrings! Earrings! Because no matter the size, earring always fit. Earrings are the one things I collect with unchanged enthusiasm. I had necklace moments, and brooches moments, and bracelets moments, but it’s never a “moment” with earrings. Earrings are an ornament to one’s face, no piece of jewels gets a more exclusive place.

Dior Granville collection bracelet with a pink oval tourmaline in the centre and a ring with a rubellite surrounded by multicoloured gems

Lula is wearing Miseno Raggi collection ring in yellow gold and diamonds; De Grisogono chocker with white and black diamonds and pearls; Margot McKinney Aquamaring ring with a 38.95 cts aquamarine

Anna Hu Waterlily necklace with a variety of precious gemstones; Chaumet Rondes de Nuit ring from the Josephine high jewellery collection with diamonds set in platinum

Anna Hu Myth of Orchid high jewellery earrings with diamonds

Bayco sapphire and diamond rings and a necklace; Stenzhorn multicoloured gem Butterfly brooch

Miseno Ventaglio earrings with diamonds set in white gold; de Grisogono multicoloured gem rings with a pearl

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