Birthstone jewellery: Fancy coloured diamonds for April

The diamond is recognised as the birthstone for the month of April, and traditionally, when we talk about diamonds we imagine their colourless version. However, did you know that diamonds come in a large variety of colours from black to green, orange, purple and even red? To welcome in the spring season and give you a taste of something different, I have decided to take a look at the less conventional versions of the most famous stone in the world: fancy coloured diamonds.

The origin of the concept of birthstones dates back to biblical times, when Aaron’s breastplate was decorated with 12 assorted coloured gems - representing the tribes of Israel. As time wore on, the 12 gems became associated with each month of the year. This then evolved into a tradition for wearing different gems as a good luck charm, rotating the stones according to the month of the year they represent to derive the greatest benefit of each one. Eventually, people started to wear the stone associated with their birth month for the entire year.

Yuli Jewellery necklace with heart shaped multi-coloured diamonds

Although most people associate diamonds with a lack of colour, the visibility and presence of fancy coloured diamonds in jewellery collections continues to increasing. This is in part due to celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Michelle Yeoh sporting headline-making, enormous fancy yellow diamond necklaces at the biggest red carpet events of the year - from Tiffany&Co. and Moussaieff respectively. At the same time, other famous names such as Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and Heidi Klum have chosen fancy coloured diamonds for their engagement rings. More and more people have become familiar with blue and pink diamonds in the last few years, since many magnificent diamonds have fetched world-record sums in auction sales. Despite being rare, pink and yellow diamonds are the most known of fancy coloured diamonds, with orange, green, blue, and purple continuing the colour range, and red being the rarest variety.

Suzanne Syz 'Sex on the Beach' ring with fancy deep grayish yellowish green cushion diamond and coloured diamonds in enamel and 18k pink gold

Beauty, rarity and investment value are the key features that continue attracting collectors around the globe to these stones. If you are thinking of enriching your collection this month, why not consider the unparalleled exclusivity of fancy coloured diamond jewellery?

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