Stenzhorn: the confluence of luxury and modern jewellery techniques in the Muse collection

Who is she, the wonderful muse, that offers the inspiration to create unbelievable masterpieces? For the company Stenzhorn, it is a confident and passionate woman with a hint of sparkle and charm. One of the brand’s most recent innovative collections has been named in her honour: Muse.

Every Stenzhorn collection includes an element of a certain fantasy, either a technical or design secret, and the latest 'Muse' collection is no different. One of the most regularly applied and complex approaches is the signature invisible method of setting stones when several are positioned right next to each other, creating the effect of a bejewelled roadway. The process is intricate not only from a technical point of view, but in terms of the resources required. Indeed, to create the right illusion, stones of almost identical clarity, colour saturation and size are required. The more exclusively selected the stone is, the harder the task becomes; only the best jewellery houses can permit themselves to attempt this technique.

The search for unique - and to some extent even magical and unexpected - technical and design methods to make Stenzhorn jewels is an analogy for the female muse that has the soul of a chameleon: independent and self-assured, she can also be passionate and sensitive. Whether she chooses to put on comfortable trainers or high heels, she never forgets the jewellery that lives and breathes with her wherever she journeys.

“Muse is the continuation of collections that we called 'illusions'. But the manner in which we have developed our mosaic and the way in which each Muse diamond is made is distinguished by the concept, design and technique,” explains Klaus Stenzhorn.

Stenzhorn 'Empress' diamond necklace

In fact, the former invisibly set mosaic was primarily applied by Stenzhorn in high jewellery art work for creating contoured surfaces, for example, the shape of a flower. But the Muse collection has been formed as a symbiosis of the love stylish women have for classic diamonds and other large gemstones, with the brand’s ambition to make modern jewellery that will complement not only formal but also everyday outfits. Consequently, the pièce de résistance of this collection is the baguette diamond jewellery which gives the impression of a single stone weighing 2-5 carats, but is actually comprised of smaller, asscher and baguette cut diamonds.

Stenzhorn Muse 'Pantoni' collection choker with yellow sapphires and diamonds

“We didn’t just want to create the illusion of big diamonds, but also of gemstones that are of a size which is rarely found in nature. We decided to present four of these: ruby, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire and tsavorite. When imagining a name to encapsulate the spirit and joie de vivre of these gemstone colours, we thought 'Pantoni' conveyed this most successfully” says Klaus.

The highlight of the collection is the four limited edition pieces; Lily, Princess, Dancer and Empress. As well as these more exclusive creations, the collection is comprised of both a special occasion line that includes compositions of diamonds achieving the appearance of diamonds between 2 and 5 carats, and the '1 Carat' line, which is designed as everyday jewellery and creates the impression of 1 Carat diamonds. The speciality items produced for the autumn season (pink gold jewellery and new pieces with an integral asscher cut central element) were the most popular in this collection.

The jewellery line, fashioned out of love for the Stenzhorn woman, has sparked great interest amongst women from all over the world. By the time the Baselworld exhibition is held in 2018, the next surprises in the Muse collection will be presented.    

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