Christmas Shopping on Plukka: Stocking Fillers Under £2,000

With just a few days to go until Christmas, you’ve probably bought all your “serious” jewellery. So now let’s have a look at some fashion fine pieces in the price range of £2,000 and under. They cost as much as expensive bijouterie but are made of precious materials: gold, diamonds, coloured gemstones. And right now, the most varied choice of this type of jewellery can be found online at the boutique.

On, you’ll find designer jewellery from around the world in one place, as well as Plukka’s own brand pieces, with the jewellery on offer constantly changing. It’s best not to hesitate over your purchase due to the ever-shifting tides of their stock, especially if there is something you really like the look of. Are you looking for a fashionable ear cuff?

Joelle Jewellery has delicate, solo ear cuff made of white gold with diamonds. If more elegant earrings are what you’re after, a pair which can be worn both at dinner as well as in the office, then the succinct Bridget King earrings with pearls may be just thing for you. You’ll also find interesting items with enamel by Shirely Zhang, one of which is a gold pendant with the image of enameled rabbits and carrots on it (see below). A soft spot for rings? There is plenty to choose from, as Pukka has completely different variations with diamonds and gemstones, such as pavé set rings or the ones with large gemstones in the middle. I liked a selection of items, which can be seen below. However, these are but a few pieces out of several hundred on Happy shopping!


1. Veracity Sapphire Diamond Ring by Tana Chung, £1,400  2. Rabbit Diamond and Enamel Pendant by Shirley Zhang, £1,720  3. Emily Peridot and Amethyst Ring by Plukka, £450  4. Locket Akoya Pearl Ring by Bijules, £1,160.


5.  Lana Black Silver Rainbow Sapphire Knuckle Ring by AS29, £760   6. Radiant Ombre Blue Topaz Ring by Leyla Abdollahi, £1,360  7. Lace Diamond Ear Pin by Joelle Jewellery £1,120.


8. Nolita Malachite Stud Earrings by Madyha Farooqui, £1,400  9. Pearl Jam Black and White Diamond Earrings by Bridget King, £1,600  10. Rock It! Black Diamond Stud Earrings Ornella Iannuzzi, £1,240.


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