Carrera Y Carrera: All you need is LOVE!


Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is not due for another 3 months, the Spanish jewellery brand Carrera y Carrera has released a collection that pays tribute to one of the most wonderful feelings one can ever experience. The jewellery line bears the name that corresponds perfectly to the theme – LOVE.

The collection includes several small and cute jewels crafted from yellow gold and decorated with contrasting gold polish – some parts are shiny and some of them are left with a matt finish. This jewellery ‘trick’ has long been the signature of Carerra Y Carrera. There is a total of 6 pieces in the collection: three different pendants, stud earrings, a ring and a delicate charm bracelet.

For a very long time people have been using various signs and symbols to convey love, and there is no romantic collection without them. The most popular out of them all is undoubtedly the heart, which is recognized worldwide. You will find two heart pendants in the new Carrera Y Carerra collection: one is made of rock crystal which serves as a pillow to a peaceful and charming sleeping angel. Another pendant necklace made entirely of yellow gold is fashioned to resemble intertwined tree branches. They compose the shape of a heart and two sculptured doves are cooing and resting on them.

The other four jewels include a pendant, a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a ring that have the same design and can be worn as a set. The letters L, O, V, E, studded with drops of gold, are also decorated with daisies and leaves. I especially like how Carrera y Carrera interpret the contemporary trend of asymmetrical earrings by splitting the word LOVE in two – one syllable per ear.

Miniature ornaments decorated with diamonds finalise the design of each jewel. The stones sparkle like dewdrops on a summer morning and symbolize eternal love. KP



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