Viva Las Vegas: The Must-See Brands at Couture 2024

Every year, I jet off from Paris to the heat of the Mojave Desert to indulge in some exceptional jewelled creativity in Las Vegas. The Couture Show is an annual bright spark filled with designers and brands who’ve evolved from industry connections to friends over the years. It is always a pleasure to attend and, of course, meet emerging talents whose jewellery I can discover in person. Ahead of the 2024 outing from May 26 – June 2, here are some of the new names on my must-visit list and why I’m so looking forward to seeing them.

Couture takes place every year at Wynn Las Vegas, coupled with the Couture Design Awards that always spotlight some deserving talents and individual pieces. Whenever I visit a trade show on this gargantuan scale, I must plan ahead to capitalise upon every second. Every detail is considered, even down to how best to navigate the show floor to avoid doubling back and going around in circles! Although I haven’t finalised every detail just yet, I know for a fact that the following brands are on my list to visit. Some I know well, and others are fresh on my radar, but what they all have in common is that it is their first time presenting at the Couture Show. I hope this insight into my Couture diary gives you the inspiration to create your own and add these new booths to your list of stops. 

Katerina Perez at the Couture 2023 show

A&W Mouzannar

From Beirut, A&W Mouzannar is bringing their hand-crafted designs to the Couture floor and I can safely say that I will be one of the first in line to experience their unique combination of authentic traditional Middle Eastern jewellery making techniques and contemporary aesthetic (did you know that they designed the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra in 2016?). Since the 18th century, the Mouzannar family has been creating exceptional dazzling jewels for elite Middle Eastern clientele and now Aziz and his brother Walid are continuing the family legacy with their two in-house designs Dori and Alia, who offer varied aesthetics for a wider client base. I especially cannot wait to try on the architectural yet organic  Silene gold cuff. Booth #646.

A&W Mouzannar pendants in gold, emerald and diamond, rings in gold, emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond and earrings in gold, ruby, black diamond and diamond

Diva Jewels

I took a much closer look at this Mumbai-based brand in an article earlier this month, which focused on its signature ‘en tremblant’ setting technique that makes diamonds and coloured gems shimmer with movement. Diva Jewels produces spectacular nature-inspired creations – often large in size – that place miniaturised parrots, blue jays, hummingbirds, and floral blooms around the neck, on the wrist, or even wrapped around your favourite pair of shoes. At Couture, I will be seeking its latest novelties and focusing on its ‘Dew Drop’ diamond setting – an innovation that I am especially excited to discover! Find the brand at Booth #531.

Katerina Perez presenting the Diva Jewels Bejeweled Shoes at Gem Genève this year with floral embellishments that can also be worn as brooches and bracelets


When I saw Dreamboule’s tagline “a revolutionary ring that changes the rules of jewelry”, I knew I had to see its creations in person. It took their in-house research team four years to develop the innovative golden spheres in which the small, bejewelled worlds dreamed up by founder, president and chief creative director Beniamino Crocco come to life, each one with a full precious-stone pavé base. From mythological creatures to the natural world’s flora and fauna, each piece is topped with sapphire crystal cabochon glass to create a dome-like effect, magnifying the intricate details beneath each case. What’s more, the revolutionary characteristic of each Dreamboule creation is that each one is injected with innovative liquid and crystal elements to create a snow globe effect beneath each sapphire crystal dome. I cannot wait to interact with them in person! Booth #DA-34.

Dreamboule Dragon bracelet in gold and coloured gemstones, a world within a world bespoke Love ring in gold and diamond and a bespoke ring in gold, orange sapphire and diamond


As many of you know, another passion of mine is fashion. I love to wear clothes that make me feel confident and beautiful, especially when I attend trade fairs, which is why I am excited to meet a brand that shares my love of jewellery and clothing like Fullord, whose founder Sandrine Thibaud discovered a void in the market when she couldn’t find an elegant accessory to help her hold her scarf in place. In 2019 she dreamed up the Fullord scarf ring, an innovative and functional yet precious accessory that helps keep your scarf in place. From simple spherical shapes to fun flamingos and beautiful butterflies, each of her Fullord Scarf rings adds sparkle to an outfit – something I am always looking to do. Booth #821.

Fullord Baby Ghost rings in gold, white gold, rose gold, sapphire and diamond, Ghost scarf ring and necklace in white gold and diamond and Baby Ghost rings in gold, white gold and diamond

Karina Choudhrie Jewels

Karina Choudhrie is a talented designer I always enjoy seeing. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with her pieces in person both in Paris and London, where her fine and high jewellery creations play with precious stones in fun and fresh ways. Her Caviar ring comes to mind as one of my favourites, but what I am most excited to explore at Couture, along with her unique high jewellery creations, is her Vitamin Pink series, a collection of vibrant jewels that explore and celebrate feminine energy through diamonds and minerals set in soft rose gold. Like myself, Karina is a globe-trotting jewellery lover who always seeks to push boundaries through her creations. I cannot wait to see what new designs she’s come up with this year. Booth #813.

Designer Karina Choudhrie sourrounded by her creations including pieces from her Vitamin Pink collection in rose gold, mother-of-pearl, rubellite and diamond and her Under the Sea Caviar ring in gold, white gold, diamond and sapphire

Richard Wu Jewelry

There’s a saying on Richard Wu’s website that really speaks to me. It’s all about the “beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete,” which is a wonderful lesson, not simply for art jewellery but for life. In 2005, he established a brand called ‘Liu Guangjia’ and later created a jade carving studio in Suzhou in 2012. Inspiration struck in 2015, however, when the artist travelled to Italy to learn its historic jewellery manufacturing techniques, including wax carving, gold carving, and inlay. This led Richard Wu down a new path fusing Eastern design influences with Western techniques, resulting in the highly contemporary Richard Wu Jewelry aesthetic. His style is meticulous, understated and modern with natural flourishes to ground his pieces in the beauty of nature. Find his striking high jewellery art at Booth #546.

Richard Wu Jewelry Textile bracelet in gold and diamond, the Flying Orchid design in which the centre stone can be replaced with a series of other loose gems including diamonds, and Triple rings in gold, white gold, platinum and emerald

Xiao Guan Jewelry

To see some creative feats of high jewellery, I will be making a beeline for Xiao Guan Jewelry, which was founded by designer Zhao Jingsi in 2013. The artist is inspired by ‘Xiao Guan’, translating to ‘small view’, and the idea of seeing big and meaningful things through the smallest of lenses. She draws her jewels from an imagined classical Chinese garden that can only be truly appreciated after passing through an ornate entrance gate. This creative philosophy is described as “poetry without words,” which is a beautiful way of describing high jewellery, don’t you think?! Discover Xiao Guan Jewelry at Booth #910. 

Xiao Guan Jewelry Waves and Lotus II Pendant in gold, Melo Melo pearl and diamond, Blue Clouds earrings in gold, Lapis lazuli and sapphire, and Sea-Urchins pendants in rose gold and multi-coloured sapphires

Remember, the party starts on Sunday, May 26, so there’s still time to get involved. If you spot me on the show floor, taking photographs, making new connections, and filming Instagram Reels with my team, do say hello. We will likely be a whirlwind of activity, but where better to make new friends than under the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip?

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