VicenzaOro Fall 2013 Through Katerina’s Eyes

VICENZAORO, Fiera di Vicenza’s International jewellery show brought together 1200 Italian and foreign brands from 30 countries this year. This trade only event was attended by 20,000 visitors from all over the world including myself. Walking down long corridors that resembled alleys of a jewellery district, scrutinising displays, trying various items on, I was looking to discover some show-stopping jewels or novelties and get the feel of the Italian design and style.

Having visited this trade-only fair for the first time, I did not leave disappointed. There were plenty of fantastic Italian brands to discover and various fine jewels to admire, all spread around 6 pavilions. VicenzaOro seems to be a fusion between Basel and IJL (International Jewellery London): it has the scope of the first and the great variety of products of the second. All areas of jewellery industry from luxury brands to mid-range bijoux jewellery to gemstone suppliers and packaging are represented at the fair, no wonder it took me two full days to explore the most prominent areas!

Apart from coming for business-to-business meetings, visitors also had the chance to attend various seminars. One of them was organised by Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting, Fiera di Vicenza’s permanent and independent Centre that researches jewellery and the trends of luxury goods. Buyers and exhibitors attending these seminars focused on the emerging trends for the next few seasons with much of their attention highlighted on style.

Another attraction was the exclusive “Contemporary Amulets and Talismans” exhibition, which displayed the work of  20 young international designers who interpreted the values and meanings of amulets from a contemporary point of view. “The real added value in this project has been the involvement of the Vicenza companies. Working alongside us, they generously and expertly rose to the challenge and brought to life the best designs presented by young talents.” – Corrado Faco, Executive Director of Fiera di Vicenza.

Now it’s time to take a look at a selection of the most beautiful jewels that caught my eye. Here you will find some established international brands like Pasquale Bruni,Roberto Bravo, Brumani, Picchiotti, Verdi Gioielli, Leo Pizzo, Giovanni Ferraris, Inbar, Rodney Rayner and Sutra to name a few. As well as some designers who are less well known but definitely worth being noticed, such as Simona Elia from Fancs V, Scala, Fraleoni, Ta’s Jewel and Angry to name a few.

 Enjoy, admire and email me with any questions and requests regarding the jewels below.

Pasquale Bruni coral and turquoise colour-block parure

Pasquale Bruni fireworks of colours parure

Verdi Gioielli

Paolo Piovan

Giovanni Ferraris pave diamonds earrings

White gold, diamonds, sapphires and tourmalines bracelet by Giovanni Ferraris

Giorgio Visconti


Picchiotti ring with sapphires and cushion cut diamond

Colour - pop bracelet with turquoise bracelet with gemstones by Rodney Rainer


F.A.Gioielli multicoloured tourmaline bracelet with diamonds in yellow gold

Inbar cocktail ring party

Inbar exquisite mother-of-pearl earrings in rose gold

Inbar rose gold ring with pave diamonds and a pear-shape ruby




Sutra champagne diamonds and turquoise earrings

Sutra. Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds cocktail ring

Pearls and diamonds vintage bracelet in white gold by Scala


Magnificent Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds cocktail ring by Scala

Bapalal Keshavlal couture jewellery displays

Leo Pizzo

Leo Pizzo sapphires and diamonds necklace

Fraleoni cocktail ring with rose quarts cabochon with a halo of pave diamonds

Butterfly with rose cut sapphires and round brilliant diamonds set in white gold by Fraleoni

Fancs V. by Simona V. Elia. Resin coated orchid flower with a baroque pearl

Cocktail ring with a rose gold frog sitting on a dried orchid covered in resin and holding a fresh water pearl by Francs V

ANGRY creative jewellery ivy ring in white and yellow gold with pink sapphires

ANGRY creative jewellery ivy earrings in white gold with tsavorites and diamonds

D.Donna cocktail ring with an oval cabochon opal, champagne diamonds and pink sapphires

Coscia elegant cocktail rings with baroque pearl and diamonds

Deambrogio Fratelli

Deambrogio Fratelli

Claudio Ivao

Claudio Ivano


Roberto Coin ring with gemstones set in specially treated gold

Cesari and Rinaldi gemstone polisher on site

Cesari and Rinaldi gemstone polisher at work

Fabio Neri carvings

Alessio Sorrentino hand-carved amber

Alessio Sorentino –

Bapalal Keshavlal –

Brumani –

Coscia –

D.Donna –

Deambrodio Fratelli –

Fancs V –

F.A. Gioielli –

Fraleoni Gioielli –

Giorgio Visconti –

Giovanni Raspini –

Giovanni Ferraris –

Inbar –

Leo Pizzo –

Pasquale Bruni –

Paolo Piovan –

Picchiotti –

Roberto Bravo –

Rodney Rayner –

Scala –

SuperOro –

Sutra –

Ta’s Jewel –

Verdi Gioielli –


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