Dior Roses To Blossom Again This May


With the summer fast approaching jewellery houses enrich their boutiques’ displays with flower-inspires novelties. Just last week I wrote about nature-inspired Van Cleef&Arpels’ Cosmos collection which is coming out in a few weeks’ time and happens to coincides with the launch of new jewels from Dior’s established floral lines: the delicate Pré Catelan (see above) and the luscious Rose Dior Bagatelle (see below).

Christian Dior’s love of flowers manifests itself anew in rings, earrings and necklaces featuring an elegant rose design. The Rose Pré Catelan collection, which was inspired by the rosary of the garden bearing the same name, features flowers carved from purple amethyst and striking onyx. Set in rose or yellow gold they are complemented with a subtle sparkle of a single diamond or just a few glistening gems defining thin stripes on the back of a bee.

Rose Dior Bagatelle collection was also inspired by a rosary, this time the one from Parisian Parc de Bagatelle. Four new diamond and gemstone-encrusted necklaces were added to the line along with a pretty pair of diamond encrusted rose studs. According to Christian Dior the beauty of magnificent roses can only be surpassed by that of a woman. That makes the beauty of a woman wearing Dior Joaillerie simply unsurpassable. KP 

Dior Rose Bagatelle Collection

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